Friday, February 14, 2014

Meaning to Add

Two videos A video (one got dropped apparently)  dealing with the  horrible NYPD actions connected with the arrest of Cecily McMillan. Luke Rudowski was livestreaming and at one time had a superbly edited version on the We Are Change site, but it appears to have vanished.

Testimony video:

Cecily McMillan is on trial in New York City for "assault on a police officer" as a consequence of her arrest at Zuccotti/Liberty Plaza on March 17, 2012, an arrest I witnessed on the We Are Change livestream as it happened. I wrote about it at the time, but in reviewing my posts, I see it was all pretty chaotic, and I'd have to think about it a bit more before I repost them.

It was one of the most brutal, grotesque incidents of a whole raft of police brutality incidents in New York and elsewhere during a period of protest against police brutality. Go figure.

And now, Ms McMillan is on trial for 'assault' on a police officer.

Here is Cecily discussing what happened -- clearly she can't remember much -- on Democracy Now! a few days after the incident.

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