Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Have I Been Saying?

This video interview with Mike Lofgren and Bill Moyers has been making the rounds for a few days now. It's a superficial examination of the Deep State which actually rules us and has been raising havoc around the world.

There are few details, of course, because it's all secret (shhh), but in fact Lofgren has been saying pretty much what he does here for years, and one might note that he touches on talking points and references the Tea Party for some unknown reason for "getting this one right."

In other words, dude is a player in the very Deep State he is so generously exposing.

Wouldn't be the first one.

Lofgren's essay is longer, but it's not much more detailed. Plowing well-furrowed ground, he is, but the fact is that for many people, all of this is still "news."

And his exposé ignores those parts of the Deep State that are practically in our laps, just as nearly every other hand-waver does.

They rarely want to say anything about the local police and FBI surveillance apparat and all the rest of it going on day in and day out.

At least he mentioned the symbiosis between Silicon Valley and the Surveillance State. Of course he exaggerated how much the Surveillance Valley (h/t Yasha Levine) wants to "distance itself" from its own behavior and its collaborative relationship with the Deep State from the beginning.

Further confirming that he's a player.

Note that both Greenwald and Snowden are now saying essentially what Naomi Wolf was excoriated for pointing out: Knowledge of the surveillance apparatus is sufficient to modify behavior. The more you know about it, the more you "voluntarily" curb your enthusiasm for stepping out of line. And Naomi asked whether that might be the reason for telling the World so much about the level of surveillance we're all under. Her basic question: Who benefits? And the answer is obvious: The police state benefits from the widespread knowledge that the Surveillance apparat is vast, growing, and could be spying on you!  Or as George Orwell is quoted by Greenwald:
Which thence he annotated: "Note: Key to 1984 wasn't that everybody was always being watched; the knowledge one could be is what imposed fear." (Dec 7, 2013 via Twitter; original image from Jon Schwartz (@tinyrevolution).

For saying what she said, Naomi Wolf  was trashed back in June. She hasn't had anything to say about Snowden, Greenwald, et al, since then. Now, of course, those who so eagerly trashed her have nothing to say about Greenwald and Snowden saying essentially the same thing.

And the questions she posed remain obscured and unanswered. See how that works?

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