Monday, February 24, 2014

Not All Revolutions Are Worthy of Our Support

The Maidan in Kiev, Jan 2014, before the explosion
And (so-called) progressives and leftists are fools to support the ones under way or recently manifested. Some of these uprisings and revolts are rightist, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, corporatist, globalist, and deeply contrary to the People's interests and well-being.

This sequence of reactionary, rightist, crypto-Fascist uprisings seemed to get going in Cairo last year when tens of thousands, and then reputedly millions, turned out in Tahrir Square and elsewhere in Egypt to denounce and demand the end of the elected Morsi regime. When Morsi refused an ultimatum from the military, the military removed him, by main force, and when Morsi supporters gathered in the squares of Egyptian cities to protest this clear violation of the democratic process, the military mounted snipers on rooftops to shoot into the crowds of protestors -- something that Morsi didn't do in the face of the protests against him and his rule.

When the snipers weren't able to adequately control the protests against the military coup in Egypt-- a "coup" by any other name, since the "world community" (ie: the United States government) refused to call it a coup -- the golpistas sent in the infantry and armored transport (otherwise known as tanks) and massacred hundreds and then thousands of Morsi supporters, massacred as many as it took to kill the protests against the coup, but the protests wouldn't die. Thousands, then tens of thousands of survivors of the massacres were arrested, disappeared, many were tortured, and still the protests would not die.

The golpistas declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be illegal (again), the protests to be illegal (again), and the protesters to be "terrorists" because they would not cease and desist, even in the face of the most terrible crimes against them, the most cruel and violent reaction to their resistance, the bloodiest counter-revolution since the Sri Lankan extermination campaign against the Tamil Tigers. The US government from time to time tut-tutted, but never really raised more than an occasional eyebrow at the bloody, violent, eliminationist reaction to the protests against the coup. And to this day, the US government has never called the coup a "coup," but has only urged "restraint" by the Egyptian "government". Yes. "Restraint."

So we hear again, from the US government, urging "restraint" in Kiev, Bankok, Caracas, Sarajevo, and all the other capitals where pseudo-color crypto-Fascist counter revolutions are under way.

Massacres, literal out in the open massacres, were perpetrated by the Egyptian golpistas,  and there have been practically daily smaller scale repetitions of them, and the US government says nothing or only urges "restraint" by "both sides" in the face of these bloody exterminations. Since they haven't yet risen to the level of "genocide" I guess it's OK to fire into crowds or summarily execute dissidents and opposition leaders, because, well, Stalin. Or Hitler. Or Terror. Or something.

Unless, of course, it is a government which has been designated for Regime Change doing the bloody business. In that case, such as that of Yanukovych, the orders from Washington are to desist forthwith, and leave. This was the order from Washington with regard to Assad in Syria as well. That order was clear and enforced with extreme prejudice and violence in Libya as well.

This is not at all to say that Yanukovych or Morsi or Assad or Gaddafi or any of the other heads of state who have been targeted for Regime Change for so long now we take it for granted that this is the normal course of world affairs were or are particularly enjoyable individuals or that their rule is/was particularly pleasant. That's not the point.

The point is that the direct or indirect imposition of the Global Hegemon in these revolutions and counter revolutions poses a threat to the people, often incomparably worse than that of the targeted regime.

As I've been pointing out for quite a while, the Color Revolution model  promoted by Gene Sharp is one that can work, but it is also one that too often enables neo-liberal, neo-con, and now neo-Fascist elements to engineer their own behind-the-scenes revolution, often without the knowledge or agreement of the larger body of dissidents, protesters and revolutionaries, and ultimately it enables these elements to succeed -- and to call it "democracy". This model has been worked out over several decades, and it has worked to thwart the will of the people rather than support or enable it.

Of course, there are those who are fully aware of Gene Sharp's extensive Deep State involvement going back many years. The Revolutions he helped to inspire and advise (including, let it be said, the Arab Spring and the Eastern European rebellions against Soviet hegemony) were not necessarily what they appeared to be

The current "revolutions" and as well as many of those in the past, must therefore be questioned on their merits, and the counter revolutions, such as that in Egypt last year, must be held to account.

Ukrainian rebels have apparently succeeded in  overthrowing their government; what will take its place remains to be seen, but the financial predators have already assembled to pick the bones of the Ukrainian people clean, and to leave the state -- what's left of it -- in ruins.

Much the same effort is underway in Caracas.

I believe it's still called "creative destruction."

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