Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More NYPD Sadism

Cops Smash Boy Through Window in the Bronx

The headline makes the story of what happened to Javier Payne the other day in New York seem quite routine. Cops do smash people into and through windows -- in New York and elsewhere -- with sickening regularity. Also into car hoods, floors, walls, bars, sidewalks, streets, lamposts, you name it. 

It's policy. After all, if compliance isn't immediate and perfect, it must be compelled. What better way to compel compliance than to smash people into or through stationary objects? I ask you...

In this case, Javier Payne, 14 and a resident of the Bronx, and a friend were visiting The Hookah Shop on Arthur Avenue around 11pm. Police pulled up and confronted the boys. The proprietor of the shop heard heated voices outside and then the sound of shattering glass. According to Payne a police officer smashed his head through the plate glass window at the front of the shop, causing cuts to his face, a large gash to his chest and a punctured lung. 

He was handcuffed and left bleeding on the stoop of the shop while police were "nonchalant" about the boy's condition and the medical emergency they had created.

“He looked like a young man who was facing down his own mortality,” said one city employee familiar with the incident. “This is a kid who was staring at his own doom. He looked like he was going to die. And if he didn’t get help when he did, he would have.”
An argument ensued between the paramedics and police about removing the teenager’s handcuffs so they could treat his injuries. Initially, the police refused, but eventually relented, witnesses said.
One of the paramedics had to hold the boys chest wound closed while they rushed him to Jacobi Medical Center. Medical experts said it may have saved Payne’s life.
Clearly yet another one who needed killing, only the EMTs in this instance were not going to allow it.

The boy is said to be recovering.


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