Thursday, May 8, 2014

News From Odessa

To protect and serve  reports that there are two Right Sektor paramilitary "security" brigades occupying
Odessa in preparations for the May 9 Victory Day celebrations tomorrow. Their responsibilities include preventing "separatist manifestations" -- ie: Antimaidansky protests.

Should be worlds of fun.

Further reports are that arrests of Antimaidansky activists continue. The fires at the Trade Union building in Odessa are being blamed entirely on the Antimaidanski-ites, who are purported to have caused the fires either when the gasoline they were using on the roof to prepare the Molotov cocktails with which they were attacking the peaceful Pro-maidansky mob below ignited and "fell" to lower stories, or -- a new supposition -- when something the Antimaidansky activists brought inside the building exploded. This latest idea was presented at a news conference by Andrey Parubiy, the fascist head of the Ukrainian coup-regime's "security" services.

This is all classic Nazi behavior from the fomenting of riots, the massacre of civilians, the arrest of the opposition, to the blaming of the victims. The situation in Odessa is playing out almost exactly as similar situations played out in Nazi Germany and their conquered territories (including Ukraine) back in the day.

It's obvious as sin, and the fact that the entire Western establishment is backing these fascists and Nazis without reservation, is arming and equipping them, is encouraging and cheerleading them, should serve as a warning to every single one of us.

We are no longer "in danger" of falling into a neo-fascist future, we're there. The open support that the EU/NATO and the US are giving these freaks and thugs in Ukraine, while excoriating Russia and Putin for what these freaks and thugs are doing, is as sure a sign as anyone could want that we have arrived at the neo-fascist future, and what is happening to opposition in Ukraine is very possible everywhere the West holds sway. We've had many warnings, but now, they'll just do it.

I have little love for Vladimir Putin -- which is another topic altogether -- but most of his observations about what is and has been going on have been spot on, but most of his response has been surprisingly mild. I've always felt that he and his regime in the Kremlin are part of the pageant of neo-fascist revival, but at times he's been clear that he believes the march of Western fascism and Nazi-ism has to be stopped. Well, yes.

How and when is the question.
This is video of a March 1 "Antimaidansky" rally at square in front of the Odessa Trade Union building. Seven thousand or more are said to have attended. Some of them are dead now and others are being hunted by the "security" forces.

This is a video of the Right Sektor and "Euromaidan" preparations and march to the Odessa Trade Union building site the day after the massacre. I watched it unfold live on Vremya Odessa and reported it at FDL as it was happening. It was chilling.


  1. Che,

    This Mike Whitney (I really appreciate his articles; he writes most frequently on financial issues and his style is easily accessible) article points out that a number of the Odessa fire victims inside the building were found to have been shot in the head and not burned. He feels strongly that the whole thing is a Western/CIA false flag; and he is most notably NOT a "conspiracy theorist".

  2. Here is a recounting from a survivor:

    1. Yes. The more we learn about what really happened at the Trade Union house (as they call it) in Odessa, the more disturbing it should be to everyone.

      The stories survivors are telling are chilling. The videos I've seen of Right Sektor thugs rampaging inside well before the devastating fires consumed so many of those who didn't survive, help to confirm the stories of mayhem and murder that are being told by those who got out with their lives.

      I saw some of the horrors live on the Vremya Odessa livestream -- already injured survivors being beaten by the mob outside, people jumping for their lives, police hauling survivors away. But it would be a while before the stories of what was going on inside, the Right Sektor thugs on a murder spree inside, would be told and published.

      The efforts of Western governments and their propaganda machines to blame the victims entirely for what happened and to overlook the culpability of the so-called "government" in Kiev, the complicity of the police, the apparent provocations by gunmen during the riots in the center of the city (questions which I saw were being aired on Vremya Odessa the day after the riots and massacre but didn't make it into alt western media for days) is striking.

      This indicates to me, if we didn't already know, that Western elites are all in with the Nazis and fascists in Kiev and elsewhere.

      They and the Nazis are one and the same.