Thursday, May 15, 2014

Momentous Shifts in Momentum

When the propaganda shifted suddenly and completely from the deteriorating situation in Ukraine to the suddenly all-important matter of Boko Haram and its captive school-girls in Nigeria, it was obvious that the momentum of making a New Ukrainia using the neo-liberal template had been lost, and the killing spree that the Ukrainian "army" and its auxiliaries were on was not playing well in the media.

It was far too straightforward and ugly in Ukraine, so why not propose something heroic and daring in Africa instead? Rescue the schoolgirls! Yeah, that's the ticket! Others have figured out what the Africa thing is really about is turning loose the death squads (again) in that torn and troubled land, so as to continue colonial control of the resources and people of the continent. Schoolgirls, bah. If they're found and rescued, hurrah, if not, too bad, so sad. Pfft. If it were about them, there would have been much incessant news all along.

What's being instigated in Ukraine is truly disgusting, more so than anything Yanukovych and his kleptocrats engineered in their day. And it's clear that the makers of this mess are playing for keeps. They are relentless in their determination to impose as much hardship on the Ukrainian people -- and as much bloodshed and destruction in the East -- as they can get away with. Greece will seem like Paradise when they're done with Ukraine.

For all the hysteria and belligerence toward Putin-(Stalin-Hitler) and Russia and his "interference" in Ukraine, it appears that the Kremlin has decided to let them fight it out as they will.  If anything, Russia's hands off policies and Putin's endless public efforts at conciliation are driving the Freaks in Kiev and their EU/US/NATO sponsors even nutzier than they were to begin with.

I'm told that Herself, Nuland-Kagan put on quite a show at the Senate Hearing on Russian Aggression the other day, but I haven't seen it yet -- one more thing to catch up on.

Meanwhile, how much longer will it take for Our Valiant Forces to Rescue the Nigerian Schoolgirls and Exterminate Yet Another Foe in Africa?

Stay tuned.


  1. Dear Che,

    I just happened to have read an article about Boko Haram two days ago. According to information obtained by wikileaks, Boko Haram is a CIA group. I do not know anything about the website I am going to link to here, aside from what they say about themselves. At the least, the articles I read there - I read three more beyond the one on Boko Haram - were well-written and offered links and/or footnotes to back up anything said to be factual (as opposed to opinion) in the articles.

    Here is the article re: Boko Haram:

    1. Interesting. I'd casually encountered a number of references to "CIA Op" and Boko Haram but nothing as detailed as this.

      There's quite a sense of déjà vu about it all... we've been led down this same path so many times before, and it would appear the spooks have never had an original thought since dirt was new.

      Why, if the spooks and the overclass who employ them are so unoriginal and bone stupid, I ask rhetorically, is it so difficult to thwart their evil machinations?