Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Darren" Wants To Teach?


According to news reports, Darren Wilson, the Ferguson PD officer who shot and killed Mike Brown on that hot August day -- a day  that doesn't seem so very long ago but instead seems ever present in our consciences -- has officially resigned from the Department and has said that he would love to "teach use of force..."

All righty then.

This is just more insanity.

Supposedly, "Darren" (that's what Mike Brown's mother calls him) was paid something north of $500,000 for that ridiculous and heavily coached soft-ball interview he did on ABC, and the fundraisers held for his unneeded legal defense raised well more than that. He can obviously go on the same inspirational-lecture circuit that (Lt. Col.) Dave Grossman is on. They probably have the same agent, may even be collaborating on topics and presentation. I wouldn't be at all surprised.

These people need to stay together and support one another after all, or the Thugs will win, no?


"Teaching" use of force, right. How to kill black men and get away with it each and every time. Gotcha.

I'm sure there will be quite an audience for that little gab-fest.

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