Friday, November 21, 2014

This Is Why They Kill -- It's What They Live For

This is a training video featuring a person named Dave Grossman who will be offering a course for police officers in Albuquerque entitled: "The Bulletproof Mind: Prevailing in Violent Encounters, Before and After."

Yes. Well...

So according to Grossman in this video, just like a sheepdog (what an analogy) police must relish "the battle" and killing the foe -- the Big Bad Wolf, for that is the policeman's calling -- that is the policeman's nature, that is the policeman's greatest accomplishment and his glory.


This is why they kill, this is why they demand and get impunity to kill at will. Because they are just protecting the sheep, you see, as is their calling.

The man is out of his freaking mind.

And yet this is how your police are trained and indoctrinated.

[Note: my alert to this video came via a Radley Balko column in the WaPo. I know a lot of people think Balko is gods' gift, but I typically regard him with skepticism to say the least. Let's just say he has a tendency to shade the truth to fit his ideology and leave it at that for the time being... Nevertheless, the video, which he did not link to, speaks for itself.]


  1. did he pass out SS uniforms when he finished his video ....?

    1. Apart from a forum entry trash talking Bassem Masri in Ferguson, I'd never paid any attention to the Police One site, though I'd heard of it. After I saw this video, I decided to explore a little more, and many of the posts and videos make it quite clear that the po-po have no interest in "protecting and serving" anyone but themselves and one another.

      This guy is some kind of guru for PDs all over the country. He's insane.

      Well beyond the SS, don't you think?