Thursday, November 20, 2014

What On Earth Is the FBI Thinking?

Today marks the another Alternate Release Date for the Darren Wilson Non-Indictment from the St. Louis County Grand Jury. Other sources put the Alternate Date on Sunday or maybe the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, or maybe not till Christmas week, or... well, you get the picture.

Meanwhile, elaborate preparations and displays of force are under way to put down all the "riots" that will ensue. Everyone has bought a gun, it seems, and they've stockpiled food and water and have materials on hand to build barricades, the Apocalypse being nigh and all.

All of this was kind of ludicrous until the FBI leaked their assessment of the pre-festivities the other day. We can assume the leak came directly from the FBI and was intentional incitement to police rioting if not public riot.

The wording that I've read inadvertently indicates the FBI knows there are agents provocateur seeded among the protesters and they know just how those agents will behave; their leaked advisory could be read as a descriptive of what the agents provocateur are likely to do once the GJ decision not to indict Darren Wilson comes down.

In other words, it has little or nothing to do with the protesters and everything to do with inciting LEOs to react to the protests violently.

Unbelievable, or it would be if there hadn't been constant rumors of provocateurs and infiltrators from the beginning of the Ferguson protests. That combined with the failure of police to produce any evidence at all that they had been "firebombed" with Molotov cocktails or shot at by protesters -- despite their constant claims -- and the litany of lies coming out of the mouths of ostensibly responsible police supervisors (Belmar's woppers just the other day about "only teargassing criminals," for example, or not using "rubber bullets" beggared belief -- "You gonna believe me or your lying eyes?")  really tells us pretty much all we need to know about the expectations of violence and where they're coming from.

It's not the protesters.

It's the police themselves and their allied adjuncts like the resurgent KKK.


But more and more people are seeing through the lies and the fabrications and the falsehoods and the provocations.

More and more people seem to see the situation for what it is. The police have been enabled by their sponsors to act as an army of occupation, and their wargames involve whatever mayhem and deception required to produce the desired result.

In this case, it seems the desired result is the provocation of "riots" -- or whatever mayhem can be stirred up and sustained -- so that the "riots" can be put down with displays of overwhelming force (with as little bloodshed as possible, no doubt) in pursuit of a higher objective: keeping the Rabble in fear and dread of what will happen to them if they so much as think of rising against their oppressors.

This has been the Israeli tactic applied to the Palestinians for decades.

Works well, right?


  1. Yeah, I don't like the way this is being framed. They're all concerned about "violence." Violence against whom? What all the talking heads mean when they say violence is property damage by the people of color in the streets. That isn't violence. When the cops start bashing in people's heads and such that is violence. Somehow that is completely acceptable to everyone. Sickening.


  2. Seems to me to be too much consistent fearmongering and deliberate incitement. This is a military strategy, used against an enemy to draw out militants -- in order to neutralize them.

    The protests against police violence are themselves non-violent but have been met in Ferguson and elsewhere with increasing police violence. Now they're doing snatch-and-grab arrests in Ferguson. I expect pre-crime arrests of protest organizers like they did at the RNC convention in St. Paul in 2008.

    It's so obviously over the top. Sickening is right.