Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Incredible -- Two Men Shot and Killed by Deputies in East LA

No, it's not really incredible, it happens all the time. Practically every day. Sometimes several times a day, but in this case, the story out of the LA County Sheriff's Office and the CBS Local station is absurd.

"They did indeed shoot two suspects. Both of them died." As if the action is not directly connected with the result.

The story is weirder in that the men who were shot and killed by deputies are called "suspects" in a crime that is never mentioned.
EAST LOS ANGELES ( — Detectives are investigating the circumstances Sunday surrounding a deputy involved shooting with two male suspects.
[Suspects in what crime exactly? Shooting? The suspects were shooting deputies?]

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were sent around 2:40 a.m. to the 5300 block of Verona Street for report of an assault with a deadly weapon.
Once on scene, a witness flagged down authorities and said two suspects in a vehicle pointed a weapon at him.
[Is this the crime in which the suspects were suspected?]

KCAL9′s Joy Benedict spoke with Lt. John Corina who said the witness did not know the suspects.
Around 2:20 a.m. the victim, a 32-year-old man, was walking through a business parking lot in the 1100 block of Atlantic Boulevard when he noticed a light-colored SUV driving through the same parking lot.
[Who is the victim here? The suspects? The deputies? The man claiming that a weapon was pointed at him? How would that make him a victim?]

The suspects drove alongside the victim while pointing a gun, but no words were exchanged. They then drove away heading North on Atlantic Boulevard.
[So how exactly is the "victim" a victim? Of what?]
“They were strangers to him,” Corina explained. “He was a little shaken up that they pointed a handgun at him. That’s why he called 911 to report it, and that’s when deputies picked up the vehicle.”
[Had he known them, would that make him less shaken up? What exactly is the crime for which the victim is a victim? Is he a victim because he claimed a weapon was pointed at him from a moving car, though the car drove off and no one was harmed? Or is he a victim because he called 911?]

The witnesses gave a description of the suspect vehicle, which led officials to locate the suspects.
[The vehicle was the suspect? Or the suspects were the suspects? Of what? Pointing a weapon? Being in a vehicle? Assault?]
Four deputies reportedly pulled over the suspect vehicle and ordered the two men to step out.
Police explained the car continued a short distance and proceeded to park in the driveway of an apartment complex located in the 5300 block of Verona Street.
[How exactly was the suspect vehicle pulled over and yet continued a short distance where the suspects parked in the driveway of an apartment complex? How exactly did that happen? How were the two suspects ordered to step out as the car was proceeding a short distance to the driveway of the apartment complex where the suspect vehicle parked?]
After parking, one suspect exited and pulled a handgun out of his pants, pointing it in the direction of the deputies. The second suspect exited the driver side of the vehicle and stood behind the suspect.
[Ah, the waistband gambit once again. Suspects, even unarmed ones, are always pulling handguns out of their waistbands and getting shot for it. It is routine. Necessary too. Cause you never know, do you?]
Deputies then discharged their weapons at the suspects.
[I see. The deputies -- four of them -- shot the suspects until they were dead, right?]
The two suspects — a 26-year-old passenger and a 57-year-old driver believed to be from the area — were shot and killed at the scene.
They were reportedly drinking at a nearby bar before the incident occurred.
[Well, there you are, then. Drinking Mexicans. Oh. My. God. Better shoot them before they shoot you! Bam!]
Family members told Benedict the younger victim — Eduardo Bermudez, 26, of Hesperia — was dropped off at his sister’s house in Verona for a child’s birthday on Saturday where he had been drinking all day.
[Drinking all day? Clearly the man needed killing. Regardless of whether he was "pointing a weapon" or "reaching for his waistband" or whatever. The drinking alone is reason enough to terminate him. Well, as long as he is a Mexican. It helps that the incident happened in East LA. Gangs you know!]
Bermudez’s family also claimed he had a BB gun with him, not a hand gun.
[Ah ha! So the Drunken Mexican was armed, the scum! Deserved to die! Lucky he lived as long as he did! BB-schmeebee. A gun is a gun.]
Officers have confirmed that the handgun recovered at the scene was found to be a replica of a .45-caliber handgun.
["Replica" or no, there was a gun, on a Drunken Mexican. That's all anybody needs to know.]
Deputies said a containment area was set up in the residential area of Verona Street and Amelia Avenue to further investigate the crime.
[Again, what crime? The Shooting by the deputies? Drunk driving? Pointing a handgun that was actually a replica? Or a BB gun? What crime?]
An initial report from witnesses indicated deputies were searching for a third suspect, however, the search was called off.
[There was no third suspect. Reports of witnesses to be discounted when the deputies have to justify what they did.]
Deputies reported they do not believe the driver was armed.
[Doesn't matter, does it? He was drunk, he was Mexican, and he is dead, dead, dead, killed by police because he was there and they were scared. Right? Right.]
At this time, it is unknown if the incident is gang related.
[What!? What "incident?" The Drunken Mexicans are dead. That is the ONLY "incident" that occurred. Two men were shot to death by LA County Deputies. No one else was harmed.]
No deputies were injured during the shooting.
[Thank. Gawd!!!]
The victim’s identities are being withheld pending family notification.
[Wait. Which victims? I'm all confused again. Are we talking about the dead men as victims now? I thought they were suspects. What happened to the supposed victim who called 911? His family needs to be notified? Or what?]

This is how the stories so many of the police shootings in this country are garbled to the point of complete incoherence. No one can say with any certainty -- barring video -- just what happened, how and when, and to whom. No one can quite figure out who the victims are, or why. These deaths are just due to forces of nature or acts of God it would seem. There is nothing to be done.

What a world, what a world.
I saw part of the Die In in University City, St. Louis, today on the Ustream. (Scroll to about 28:10) It was very effective and affecting, though the wags on the Twitter tried to make believe it weren't nothin'. It was actually one of the most effective Die-Ins I've seen in a while, as the street was slick and wet, snow was falling, and the misery quotient in front of the Tivoli Theatre (Oh, I know that theatre) was high.

Tomorrow, they say, the Grand Jury's non-indictment of Brave Officer Wilson who killed Mike Brown in Ferguson on August 9, because he was scared for his life by this big black bruiser, will be announced and the Riots will commence.


  1. Che,

    Looks like police depts all over the country are preemptively preparing for protesters (presumed to be gathering as a result of the non-indictment of Wilson) as though they were getting ready for a military invasion. In this case, of course, the "invaders" are their fellow Americans, gathering in our legal right to protest, and the only military-style forces and weapons will be held by the cops, National Guards,
    Police throughout the United States are making preparations to crack down on possible protests following an imminent decision on whether to bring charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9. A grand jury is expected to return a decision on indictment as early as today.
    The Associated Press carried a story Saturday reporting that police are “ready” for protests in cities throughout the country. The report followed the announcement last week by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon that he would call in the National Guard in the event of protests if there is no indictment of Wilson.
    “Naturally, we always pay attention,” said Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Andrew Smith. “We saw what happened when there were protests over there and how oftentimes protests spill from one part of the country to another.”
    The AP also cited preparations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which has seen its own wave of recent police killings; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and New York City. In the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley, Missouri, “officials this week passed out fliers urging residents to be prepared for unrest just as they would a major storm—with plenty of food, water and medicine in case they’re unable to leave home for several days.”
    The report focused on police preparations in Boston, which was put under effective martial law last year after the bomb attack at the Boston Marathon. The AP noted that the city’s “police leaders met privately Wednesday to discuss preparations” for the protests. “Common sense tells you the timeline is getting close,” a spokesman for the Boston Police said. “We’re just trying to prepare in case something does step off, so we are ready to go with it.”
    The implications of the article are quite plain. In a country where the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” is included in the Bill of Rights, police respond to the very possibility of protests with thinly veiled threats of mass arrests, tear gas and rubber bullets....

    1. I'm not familiar with preparations in ABQ, but I know there are demonstrations scheduled for all over the country either on the day of or the day following the GJ announcement, regardless of what they say,. It's just amazing.

      The posturing and threats and lies out of the St Louis and Missouri police are disgusting. There are no riots, there were no riots, and some of the media is slowly coming to the realization that they've been played by playing up this phony notion of "RIOTS!!!!" "Negroes Rampaging!!!!" "WATTS ALL OVER AGAIN!! (St. Louis media was featuring Watts 50 year retrospective as the events in Ferguson played out. I thought it was a bit... odd....)

      As for the incident in East LA, it would be shocking if it weren't so commonplace. I saw something in one of the comment threads on it that said the older man described as the "driver" (unarmed) was actually a bystander who went to see what was happening and was shot to death for his trouble. Don't know whether it's true, but it wouldn't surprise me.

      If police are so freaking terrified of freaking everybody freaking all the time, then they should be doing something else. Maybe they should be in rubber rooms. They're freaking crazy.

      And if the residents of Ferguson don't "riot" on their own, we can expect provocateurs to incite violence and the police to respond in kind.

      What a mess.