Sunday, December 23, 2007


Some housekeeping:

  • The portrait at the top of the page is not me; it's a photo of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Argentine visionary and revolutionary, taken sometime before his demise at the hands of counterrevolutionary thugs in 1967. For the life of me, I cannot locate a single photo of my own sweet self. Some must have been taken over the years, but no doubt they were all destroyed by the elements in some violent storm I can't remember...

  • Videos (and eventually stills) posted here do not necessarily illustrate the point of the posts, but then again... many will reflect a Latin sense and sensibility, simply because the Latin perspective reflects my own state of mind, condition and struggles so very well. At the very least, they can momentarily entertain.

  • Posting schedule may well be very irregular, especially after the Holidays, but my goal is at least one contribution here a day. Comments are encouraged, and I will do my best to respond, dialogue, that sort of thing. The email address in my profile is a valid one, but I've been told that emails are sometimes bounced from it for no earthly reason I can fathom.

  • My aim is Progress -- a politically neutral but necessary forward movement. The whole idea of Progress and a Brighter Future has been stolen from Americans, and not solely by the Busheviks and their fellow travelers, whose entire idea of government is a throwback to the Dark Ages. We have been dragged backwards since the Reagan Era, and it's past time to reverse the course of events. We may not be able to do it through ordinary political mechanisms, and yet we may not have any choice in the matter.

  • Many thanks to all who have expressed their interest in and support for this paltry effort at emptying the ocean.

  • “Silence is argument carried out by other means.” -- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

  • We cannot be silent.

  • Y ¡Andalé!


  1. It's not you? Well, then, Ché was not only handsome, but quite young. Best wishes in this effort. I've a feeling Ché's legacy is in good hands.

  2. Nice tango! with Yo-yo Ma, to boot.

    I imagine you must resemble Che, no?

  3. Alas. About the only thing young Che and I have in common (appearance wise) is a sometimes unruly beard and -- when I still had any -- long-ish hair.

    Nevertheless, when I was growing up, I typically thought of myself as some sort of Latin American Rebel. So. There is a kinship.

    Tango? Did somebody say tango? ;) That clip is just a joy. There's some flamenco down below, El Amor Brujo. Here's a tango filmed by the same director (Carlos Saura). He's a farking genius.