Friday, December 28, 2007


There are some outstanding Year-end Lists out there, documenting the unending atrocities in the Governmental/Media Megaplex, lists pioneered for our side by the Late, Lamented Media Horse Online, thus -- sort of -- the opening video of Carlos Vives: "Caballito" (Little Horse).

Alternet has a good list up. And The Buffalo Beast gives us The 50 Most Loathesome People of 2007 (h/t aed and Della).

And of course, the incomparable Glenn Greenwald invokes what he won't do, then does exactly that, and provides us with a wonderful compendium of odious quotes from Government/Media to savor with our fruitcake and nog during this quasi-hiatus as the old year stumbles out and the new one toddles in.

Myself, I'm terrible with lists, can't even get a decent shopping list together on a good day, and I forget even the basics without one, so we'll just have to make do with the careful and clever work of others.

Chris (Tweety) Matthews is probably quoted and denounced more in the Lefty Blogosphere than anyone except Joe Klein.
Of course Matthews deserves every bit of it, as does Klein. Like Evangelicals throughout the Nation, neither of these sterling examples of Post Modern Manhood (not to mention mancrushes) seems to have a Self Awareness Button. Both are perpetually perplexed about being loathed in the Blogosphere, but strangely, both seem to accept that there's a big old "Kick Me!" sign on their backsides and roll with the numerous punches they've received this year and every year.

Tim Russert and Howard Fineman come in for their share of routine denunciation and unbridled contempt each year and every year, both of them near the top of All Time Media Shills for Autocracy, though Russert's obnoxious and obsequious groveling before such luminaries as Darth Cheney provides constant opportunities for throwing up a little in our mouths.

Who else grabs your fancy for outstanding public outrage this year? No, Britney doesn't count.

I know. Aw.

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