Friday, December 28, 2007


Been watching a news conference with Imran Khan on NDTV Online. He's blasting Musharraf, Bush, Rice, Bolton, all of them, demanding that Musharraf step down, NOW, that the elections be postponed, that the independent judiciary be restored and full investigations into the various assassinations and bombings be undertaken, that the democratic process be restored, that Bush and his henchmen go away, on and on. He is particularly harsh about the Bush/Musharraf strategy against terrorists and terrorism. He is apparently in India at this time, but vows to return to Pakistan (he was famously jailed for opposing Musharraf's emergency rule earlier in the year.)

He's written a very personal, moving and complex recollection of Benazir and the Bhuttos, not exactly a tribute, and yet its honesty is oddly touching in its own right.

Is it possible that Imran will emerge leading the political force that ousts the Musharraf autocracy? Sure looks like he's gonna try.


  1. Hot damn, and he's good looking to boot!

    Musharraf reminds me, for some stupid reason, of a character in "Office Space" -- Milton Waddams who is obsessed over a Swingline Stapler.

  2. Haw!

    That's a good one. I'll remember that.

    Dude (ie: Musharraf) has got some issues, don't he?

  3. After reading your other articles, it would appear that Musharraf is going to have a LOT of issues in the very near future.

    Negroponte -- hoo boy. What I am going to say next will make me look like a movie freak (but I am! I admit it!) but he reminds me of a quote from "The Outlaw Josey Wales" -- when Captain Terrill is asked how he will find Wales, he says:

    "Not a hard man to track. Leaves dead men wherever he goes."

    Well, same goes for Negroponte.

    Let's go over to Gazhette and ask her to do Musharraf as Milton looking for his red stapler. I bet she might like that!

  4. Just read Imran's post. Astounding. What a life he has had. What insight he has. Maybe he is just what Pakistan needs -- vision.

    Oh, I am so interested in what he does next. Thanks Felix for the link. (Of course I bookmarked your blog, you are all the things and more you said of Khan. Personal, moving and complex.