Friday, December 28, 2007


"Come on, honey. Who ya gonna believe? Me or yer lyin' eyes?" -- every dude ever caught with his pants down.

The Musharraf regime is busy spinning out an alternative Reality regarding what happened to Benazir Bhutto yesterday. Instead of having been shot twice, once through the neck and then through the shoulder, the Musharraf "investigator" is claiming that she never was hit by bullets or shrapnel. Instead, she was killed when she ducked down into her vehicle and struck her head on the lever that operates the sun and/or moon roof in reaction to the suicide bombing. Stupid woman. She was clumsy, and she died.

This is certainly an interesting version of the Blame the Victim trope that's informed nearly every disaster of the Bushevik years. It's fairly clear that this particular fiction is being generated for Pakistani domestic as well international consumption due to the pubication of various letters and emails Benazir sent before her death, all of which implicate Musharraf in her assassination, not so much directly, but through neglect of her security.

The Musharraf-ites of course are now claiming that they "did all they could" to protect The Woman, but she, being Unwise, was very hard to Protect. The gunman did not touch her. She died reacting to the bombing. And truth be told, there is nothing anyone can do about a determined suicide bomber. Tough breaks. Oh well.

It is critically important for the survival of the Musharraf regime that they convince their own people and the skeptical international community that they did everything they could. The Stupid Woman did her own self in by hitting her head you see.

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