Monday, December 31, 2007


This is a very nice example of what was being produced during the Cultural Revolution. The title of the poster is 'Field Training Will Make Our Red Heart Follow Chairman Mao Forever'.

This poster combines the Chinese military and adds a nice touch with the solider holding Chairman Mao's Quotations. The strong colors have remained bold and once framed this will be an even more stunning piece of history.

The poster measures 76.5cm (30 inches) x 53cm (21 inches) printed in Xi'an, Shaanxi province in 1971. As can be seen, there is some creasing on the very left side of the poster and a couple minor tears at the very edge.

Price: US $150

Item location: Beijing, China

Postage by air & Insurance worldwide: $10


So. What happened to Teh R3volooshn? You know, we were gonna march in the streets with our giant puppets and eco-globes, and we were gonna fill Washington with a million pissed off people, and were were gonna levitate the Pentagon... oh, sorry, that was back in the Old Days; never mind... and we weren't gonna wear patchouli, we were gonna have on suits and ties, (Oops, never mind, Old Days again) and we were gonna shut this fucker down. STRIKE!!!!

Just last September, too.

And what happened? I'll tell you what happened. Nothing happened, that's what happened. The marches and protest demonstrations were largely a bust. The STRIKE!!! attracted perhaps five people in Manhattan. Ten at most in the rest of the country. Most of the Giant Puppets never even made it out of storage.

And there was the MoveOn Ad shit.

MoveOn had a perfectly fine ad in the New York Times questioning General St. David Petraeus's math and therefore his credibility on the issue of "progress" in Iraq.

The Horror!

The entire Beltway Palace Government/Media population took to its fainting couch simultaneously while their thugs went to work demanding MoveOn be denounced and condemned for daring to question the Patriotism of General St. David Petraeus!!

And sure enough, within hours, both the Senate and the House of Representatives, ostensibly under Democratic leadership, passed resolutions condemning MoveOn for raising questions and being rude and continuing to behave like Dirty Fucking Hippies. And Oh, My Goodness, We Just Can't Have This!

There's either not going to be a Revolution at all or there must be one.

To say that the air went out of the Moratorium Movement is an understatement. This kick in the teeth was not just for MoveOn; Our Vaunted Democratic Leaders were basically on the warpath against all opposition to the Government, a Government to which they considered themselves fiercely loyal, even if it was headed by Their Eminences Bush and Cheney.

Congress in essence divorced itself from We, The People. They made clear they are not operating to serve The People; they serve The Government, one that they have in part created, but have since ceded to a cohort of conniving crooks and bloodthirsty corporatists.... Oh. 

And We, The People, are welcome to sit down and shut up about it. Now.

I think what happened in September came as such a surprise and such a complete shock to so many people who had spent the summer -- and for some, a lot longer -- organizing resistance to the regime and its bloodsoaked ways. We were not prepared for such outright cave-age to the White House on the one hand, and for such outrageous denunciation of reasoned questioning and opposition to Bush and his minions and their wars on the other.

And so the Iraq Surge was celebrated far and wide; the General was proclaimed a Saint by all and sundry; and Dame David Broder's great claim that approvals for Bush would rise from the depths was validated. USA! USA! USA!

The Dirty Fucking Hippies were bested by their Betters!

Democrats are busy even now trying to eliminate Iraq from the election discussion to focus attention where the Party Hacks always thought it should be, on Domestic Issues. Republicans, of course, are just as happy to have Iraq off the election radar screens, and when the Pakistan mess reared its ugly head, it was all the political class could do to tamp down public "concern." Now that the Boy Bhutto has been elevated to Party Chairman, a post he will assume once he finishes his studies at Oxford, the Pakistani People can just settle right down. And our Democrats can get back to thumping their chests about the Minimum Wage.

No. The Revolution will not come of its own.

As things stand, the Fascists are the only ones conducting anything even resembling one.

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