Friday, April 11, 2008


All the Internets are abuzz with reports that the Congressional Republicans have decided to backburner their demands for immediate FISA "reform" so as to concentrate on the economy.

There is some understandable blogger triumphalism over these reports, since the blogosphere has long been in the lead on the question of FISA "reform" -- as well as considerable suspicion that the Rs are pulling a feint so as to have the issue to hand whenever it is to their advantage to impugn the patriotism or warrior fervor of their Democratic foes.

My own sense of the situation is that the Rs are resigning themselves to the fact that there will be a Democratic president next year, and it will most likely be President Barack (Rush was comforting his listeners over the "losses" next year and beyond, and telling them how a President Barack was most likely, and they would -- poor things -- survive it as they had survived so much adversity in the past, yadda, yadda) and they understandably don't want a Democratic president to have unfettered domestic surveillance power.

That's pretty obvious, eh?

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