Saturday, April 19, 2008

McCain might not win...

(Cassandra Mode On)

There is a chance McCain won't win the "election" in the fall, but not because he "loses" to Barack or Hillary. No, the likelier course was laid out by Darth Crashcart in his infamous "So?" moment.

Recall, Martha Raddatz, intrepid ABC girl reporter (ah, ABC, you see!) asked Mister "Go Fuck Yourself" Himself what he thought about "2/3rds of the American People" believing the Iraq debacle is not worth fighting. "So?" [Snarl]. "So?You don't care what the American People think?" "No. You cannot let yourself be blown off course by fluctuations in public opinion."


As we know, "elections" represent nothing more than "fluctuations in public opinion." One cannot let oneself be blown off course by such fluctuations, can one? Observe Kenya, observe Zimbabwe. They've had "disputed elections," but the ruling party and its headmen still rule -- even if some power has been ceded to the opposition. "Public opinion" is not allowed to get in the way of the overall "course" the ruling party has set. The Cheney Rule.

Assuming an "election" takes place in this country this November, can we really doubt that the Ruling Party -- Cheney's Shadow Government -- will do everything in its (considerable) power to hold on to reins? If McCain somehow proves unsuitable to that objective, there is no way they will let him become president. Same, of course, with Hillary and Barack, though the situation is somewhat different with them, in that neither of them are due the consideration McCain is. They would simply be swept aside. Liquidated.

McCain would have to be "eased" off the stage.

Has Cheney telegraphed what to expect in November? Does he intend to continue occupying the Cheney Bunkers? Would you be surprised?

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