Friday, April 18, 2008

War on the Media? Ha!

So ABC hosted a 2 hour "debate" the other night between the Democratic candidates, and all of lefty blogdom is in the highest dudgeon, fulmination, and crankiness because Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos spent most of the first hour hammering away on the candidates with right wing talking points (including at least one fed to Stephie directly by Sean Hannity) rather than discussing "Real Issues."

This Means War!!!!

And so Stephie went around to give interviews yesterday in which he essentially stonewalled the complaints and said "suck it up". Even Obama, out on the hustings, called the 'debate' The Rollout of the Republican Campaign in the Fall. He didn't seem to mind so much. It's a little hard to conduct a War when one of your Generals is colluding with the other side, or at least explaining what's going on.

ABC has received tens or hundreds of thousands of complaints by now: furious emails, blog posts, phone calls and comments on ABC web sites should have brought down the reprobate institution by now. Instead, they laugh, and tell the complainers (if they acknowledge them at all) to pound sand.

Some War.

When your opponent continues to poke sticks in your eye, holding you in a hammer lock and noogie-ing your head, one might want to rethink your objectives and strategy.

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