Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yeah. Well.

If she's the Dem nominee, Scarlett McCain wins out of Democratic spite.

If Obama is the nominee, Scarlett probably wins out of Democratic spite, laziness and Good Old American racism.

More and more, the partisans of each of the Democratic candidates are withdrawing from the election if the other candidate gets the nomination. Or they'll vote for Scarlett McCain, just to show you!

More and more, the Obama partisans (not so much Obama himself, but that's another issue) are intent on purging the Democratic Party of any and all "Billary Taint," in a relentless campaign of insult, condemnation, and hatred directed not only at The Clintons, but at everyone who "still" supports their losing campaign.

This is not how you win a general election. Given the inbuilt impediments to a Democratic victory (with special attention to the wide spread of unverifiable and easily hackable electronic voting machines), this is a nearly perfect recipe for a rout in November, a potentially historic rout.

This is not the time to purge the Party for purity.

Not. The. Time.

Around half the Democratic electorate supports Hillary's candidacy. There is no way on earth that Obama can win the general election without overwhelming support from Hillary's people. Right now, 28% of them are "going to vote for McCain" if Barack is the nominee. Or they'll just sit it out. Fuck you. Fuck you all. And all the insults and hatred directed at Hillary and her supporters are not helping to heal the rift.

The Rs are salivating.

All their candidate Katie Scarlett McCain has to do is stay sane (ha!) and he'll waltz to the White House.

Democrats: incapable of learning even the simplest basics of electoral politics.

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