Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stop! You're torturing me!

In addition to the outstanding series of anti-torture posts at Digby's Hulaballoo, Chris Floyd's Empire Burlesque, and Scott Horton's No Comment at Harper's, I'd like to acknowledge ondelette's efforts at Humanity Against Crimes.

This topic, of course, is no fun for most people, and those who find joy in it really need to get some help. Ondelette has been trying to put some historical as well as moral focus on the topic of torture in western society, and the research alone is a disheartening and often appalling trek through some of the worst aspects of human existence.

As he points out, we (as in The West) have been down this road before; it has led to destruction and disaster more than once. If we want to retrieve our humanity one of the primary goals must be to end torture permanently, and I would add, to "re-educate" those who believe Torture Works.

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