Saturday, August 27, 2011

On the Road Again

I-40 heading into Milan, NM. Mt. Taylor in the distance

I'll be traveling the rest of the day today and tomorrow. Light posting possible while in New Mexico, topics bound to be somewhat... erm... different!

So let me leave you today with a few sage words from Bruce A. Dixon, Managing Editor of the Black Agenda Report:

Two and half years into the Obama presidency, some of us spend more time mooning over pretty pictures of the First Family, their beautiful kids and regal mother-in-law than we spend publicly worrying over the fates of millions of families, children and elders we personally know. Why are some of us still trying to “save” the Obama administration. When will it be time to save ourselves from endless war, climate change, joblessness and the other ravages of late predatory capitalism?

Read the rest here:

It's well worth your time.

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