Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Take Your Shame, Man" -- On the Progressive Failure in Wisconsin

Of course, as has been the case in every other "progressive" electoral disaster, the failure to flip the Wisconsin State Senate majority from R to D through recall is being spun as a sort-of "victory" because, well, Scott Walker might be recalled next year, and gee, next year there will be all these fired up Dems, and gee, maybe Russ Feingold ("I love that man!") will decide to challenge Walker, and gee, wouldn't it all be terrific to fight the Good Fight again? Huh?

doG, I am so sick of this crap "moral victory" propaganda and spin. Jebus F. Christmas dancing on a Ritz, STOP IT!

"Take your shame, man!" (an obscure Catherine Tate reference, see Royal Variety Show video below.) YOU FUCKING LOST. AGAIN.

Fucking Scott Walker and his Kochevik sponsors WON. AGAIN.

Fucking ACCEPT IT. Quit claiming "I'm not bovvered, tho." (another Catherine Tate reference, see below.)


Fight back, to win.

Or, just keep pushing the same old electoral buttons that don't work any more, just keep getting the same frustrating results, just keep claiming to have "won" a moral victory, just keep citing the long struggles of heroes like Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and keep insisting that "next year, next election, next lifetime, something, somehow, will sort of be somewhat "better."

Actually, it's worked to keep "progressives" occupied and out of mischief for the last fifteen years or so. Why not forever?

We are doomed.

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