Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Tottenham Riots


Brits on a rampage, are they? Who would have thought, eh?

One of my browser home pages is a news site based in Britain, so imagine my surprise (though not really) to find out this morning that Tottenham London erupted in flames and riot overnight as the residents protested the police shooting on Thursday of one Mark Duggan, who inconveniently passed away, poor devil.

Of course it might be because of this:

15.36 Many are linking last night's events with the late cancellation of Hackney Carnival today. There are also rumours flying around Twitter of riots planned for Enfield and Edmonton.

Hackney One Carnival and Parks for Life event have been cancelled today - very sorry for any inconvenience caused.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyHackney Living

Terms like "ignorant," "illiterate," and "subhuman" are being tossed around like candy in the comments and the twitterverse to describe the rioters, for no educated, white, Native Brit would ever ever ever commit such bestial acts as torching cars and looting shops. How rude.

How rude of these Brownies, these "foreigners who come here" to get so uppity. (aside: I actually heard an East Indian born and raised in Fiji, who came to America when he was 14, refer to later immigrants to the United States disparagingly as these "foreigners who come here." Much mirth and merriment ensued.)

What gives them the right? Deport them all!

A typical comment:


This has nothing to do with the shooting of a scumbag drug dealer, these sub human imbeciles just use any exuse[sic] to riot,the looters should have been shot on sight,anybody arrested that was not born and bred in Britain should now be on their way back out of the country,and those born here should now be starting 25 year prison sentances[sic].this countries[sic] stupid tolerance policies will be our downfall that is if this **** hole of a country could sink any lower thanks to the moronic society that this generation has bred,i dread to think what kind of dregs of society they will breed.

There is nothing at all to distinguish this sort of verbal assault on "sub humans" from the fancier and much more lengthy OUTRAGE!!!!™ of one Anders Behring Breivik ("Andrew Berwick" to his English colleagues) who took matters into hand in Norway a couple of weeks ago blowing up the government quarter in Oslo and massacring some dozens of mostly young Labor Party activists on Utøya. Remember?

There is no difference in rhetoric.

The issue? Well, of course, it's the same issue here: White folks (ie: Europeans of Pure Blood) are being overwhelmed by the rising tide of "sub humans" of darker hue. Immigrants who come here, where ever it is. They are drowning Europeans, Euro-Americans, exterminating them, wiping out their high culture, stealing their essence, their precious bodily fluids, their arts and sciences, destroying all in a crackling bonfire of ignorance and indifference.

The brune folk are ruining everything!

Well, them and the low-class Native Brits (ie: White Folk) who hang out with the Sub Humans.

It's pure and unapologetic racism, something most Americans have set to the side for quite some time, but it is something that is never actually gone from the scene. It's always there just below the surface, like a pustule waiting for the right moment to burst open.

As it has in Britain, but also all over Europe, given a kind of "permission" you might say, by the bombing and massacre in Norway -- which is an ongoing subject of debate. So many commentators, here and abroad, have found themselves defending Breivik/Berwick, some even suggesting he did what he had to to bring attention to the flood of immigrants (many of them, EEK, Muslim) overwhelming the stolid, peaceful, rational White Folks who just want to be left alone and in peace.


Not to make light of it, but Catherine Tate as the Aga-Saga Woman made a wrong turn into Tottenham one day, and this is what transpired:

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