Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anarchists! Wobblies! Commie-Pinkos!

Kevin Gosztola over at FDL has been following this matter of "anarchist extremists" for a good long time now, and he is on top of the story with regard to the RNC Convention in Tampa.

I want Chris Hedges to know that this is what he has done. I hope he's proud of himself.

What was likely to happen as a consequence of Hedges' polemic regarding the "cancer" in Occupy was recognized immediately upon its publication, and many observers were horrified at the prospects. Partially as a result of Hedges' over the top excoriation of what he called "Black Bloc anarchists" -- not knowing anything about them -- the FBI and other parts of the National Security State have targeted self-proclaimed anarchists for surveillance, investigation, infiltration and -- from the scant evidence available -- framing and arrest for various nefarious plots against the Establishment, including (now) something to do with "acid filled eggs." This, I guess, has taken the place of "baggies filled with urine and feces" that were once commonly alleged to be stockpiled for use against The Man.

This is probably only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to official actions against "anarchist extremists," and most of it is traceable right back to Hedges' demonization and scapegoating of "Black Bloc anarchists" last February.

The whole point of which is to chill activist dissent, to control and make acceptable those who engage in authorized dissent (as Hedges and many others do) , and to ensure that no effective opposition to the current status quo arises from the left, or more specifically from the People. In other words to stop Teh Revolution in its tracks.

It's not so much about the anarchists extremist or not, Black Bloc or not. My impression is that they can take care of themselves, and for the most part they will take care of one another when need be. The issue is more about what the state is prepared to do to preserve itself against opposition, what it will do to prevent the masses from engaging in widespread and effective opposition, and how it regards the existence of potential opponents.

More importantly, it's how the state sees the unarmed "anarchist" threat as an existential one, whereas the armed militias (as well as the innumerable Lone Gunmen) are not seen as such a threat at all. They are little more than nuisances, indeed they seem to be regarded as useful idiots.

Not the "anarchists" though.

Of course, there is a long history behind the suppression of anarchists in this country, one that long predates the infamous acts of so-called "anarchists" -- such as the assassination of William McKinley in 1898 as well as the dynamiting of the Los Angeles Times building in 1910. Anarchists became the political demons du jour -- which meant rather extensive and heavy-handed persecution.

So here we are again, with the supposed threat from anarchists now outweighing the "threat" from terrorists, indeed the one being conflated with the other.

The link at the top of the post details what's going on now, and it's appalling. This is your police state in action.


  1. They are also calling those soldiers accused of plotting to murder Obama "anarchists." What? I'm not seeing it but hey, anything to smear anarchists, right?

  2. Anarchism, but how can we live without our Judas Goats to lead us?

  3. Pathman -- right. Have you seen this?

    Even CNN seems to be scratching its collective head over the "anarchist" label. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

    pws -- the herd has no clue, does it?

  4. I saw the story on the soldier who was a page at the republican convention. Hmmmm, who could have possibly thought that possible?

  5. Pathman -- indeed. It's something like the "ex-Republicans" who suddenly turn up as Democratic operative or party apparatchiks or "progressive bloggers."

    Now I'll give the kid props for being what he wanted to be when he was 16 or whatever -- a Republican gofer. People can change, of course, and I'm sure that at least a few authoritarian Republicans have done a 180 and become anarchists. At least a few. But they don't go into the Army to do it.


    So I think we have our answer to the plot.

    It wasn't done by anarchists.

    More likely fascists.