Monday, August 6, 2012

It (Doesn't) Get Better

Wade Page and his tattoos from his Myspace page.

Stories have been percolating all day that the Milwaukee Temple shooter was ex-Army, ex-Psyops, given a general discharge in 1998 for reasons unknown, but who had been previously disciplined for drunkenness. OK then.

He did not, they say, go overseas, and somehow that's supposed to cancel his psyops training (which of course amounted to little more than the leafleting and tabling that political campaigns engage in, of course.)

Somewhere I have a psyops manual from that era (oh, I keep lots of things, but don't always know where they are), and at least superficially, it is pretty benign. It's not really about doing naughties, nor does it even peripherally deal with shooting up Sikh temples, and yet there is an element in it that.... how to put this.... encourages the spread of dread among targeted populations. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. It's axiomatic.

Further, it's starting to get out there, via a number of media vehicles, that the White Supremacist band the shooter was involved with seems to have been more "anarchist and anti-government" than, erm, "white supremacist." Which is awfully convenient if you ask me.

And of course they say Alex Jones is going nuts over it. Yes, well... In some ways, Temple-Raston is a nastier piece of work, and talk about psy-ops, well, just listen to the linked piece.

Then there's the story of the shooter's tattoos.

It's not really as much of a muddle as some people are trying to make it out.

And it is now apparently received wisdom that the Aurora shooter was schizo, had been in treatment, and his therapist had been trying to warn the appropriate administrators at UofC that he was about to act out.


Who'd a thunk.



  1. Ah, NPR. You know, I listen to the local Lefty community radio station. Every so often they play the NPR news feed.

    Aside from some of the callers on the call in shows, it's routinely the most Right wing thing I hear on the station.

  2. Dina Temple-Raston is one of the worst. She as intimately tied in to the National Security State as that Judith Miller was to the Cheney - Addington WH back in the day. She's little more than a mouthpiece, and when she said that the white power music of Page and band sounded more "anarchist/anti-government" than white power to her, it was pretty obvious what she was doing, since the discussion included the notation that "domestic terrorism" wasn't a conclusion in this case, it was an investigative category.

    We've already had a number of situations where anarchists (self-proclaimed or designated) have been rounded up and charged with 'terrorism' because they were dam-fool enough to be set up by authorities. The rightists and white power addicts who are actually killing people and planning to blow things up are simply not on the domestic terrorism watch-lists. Private outfits like SPLC follow them, but not the authorities.

    As far as I could tell, she was setting up a false equivalency between neo-Nazis and anarchists as part of a wide-spread and coordinated campaign of demonization.

    Given how easily people are swayed these days, it will probably work.