Wednesday, August 29, 2012


An anti-police brutality march in Tampa has been stopped for some time at an intersection where bicycle police have formed a bike-barricade against the march continuing. It is an absolutely silent standoff, the marchers arrayed against he Tampa police (not in their riot get ups, btw), neither side yielding.

Until just a moment ago, both sides were utterly silent. Now the police are trying to strategize, and the barricade was just removed.

The march continues.

Video streaming by Ustream

 [UPDATE: This is the archived video of the testimony and the march. It's close to an hour and a half long. There is a (more or less) silent march before the Speak Out at Gaslight Park; the march resumes at about 47:00 and the police barricade is met at about 56:00 in. Nate was obviously very moved by the entire experience, as was I -- albeit vicariously through his video stream. The testimony about 23 minutes in is powerful; it is part of a largely untold and unknown story -- even within Occupy -- of police endemic misconduct and brutality that is often hidden -- as much as it is pervasive. In this instance, the police showed uncommon wisdom, the marchers uncommon solidarity and strength.]


"This needs to stop." The only chant heard.

A [semi-]Black Bloc was in the lead.

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