Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your Police State In Action

Earlier today, it seemed that all the live streamers under the sun wanted to capture the Westboro Baptist Church protest and the counter protest by the good upstanding citizens of Tampa. The scene was breathtaking in its complete ridiculousness.

There were 8, count them, 8 Westboro freaks, maybe that many counter protesters, dozens (at least) of people with cameras, many of them streaming the scene, while platoons of RoboCops marched hither and thither, bicycle cops by the dozen tooled around, no doubt there were plenty of undercover infiltrators, FBI, DEA, NSA, ICE and who knows who all, all gathered to see the Westboro contingent and their nonsense signs. (What is their obsession about FAGS one wonders...hmm.)

Here's Tim's video. It's really a statement about the state of America. What a country.

Video streaming by Ustream


"Are we changing shifts, or are we just adding more to the mix? Can we get more protesters? Can you bring in a platoon of protesters?..."


  1. Here's a question. Do the cops ever use the same kind of tactics against Westboro that they use against Occupy?

    If not, why not?

  2. Actually, that America is Doomed sign is fairly prescient, though obviously not for the reasons the Deadites think it is...

  3. Well, at least somebody had the foresight to bring a shave ice truck to the festivities.

    I hear it's been a bit... warm... in the tropics lately.

    (First time I stepped off a plane in Tampa I was sure I was going to perspire myself to death on the spot. How do the Old Folks survive?)

  4. And note, the Storm Troopers are marching in formation to protect the Westboro freaks from the DFHs.

    Of course. American Exceptionalism!