Sunday, November 18, 2012

Headline of the Day: "Now El Paso Wants Out of Texas"

The Modern Secession Movement which has been triggered by the re-election of The Kenyan Socialist Darky to the White House has led to plenty of ludicrosity, especially in Tejas next door where the crackers have gone crazier than usual.

Comes now a petition out of El Paso saying "let us out of Texas!" Apparently El Paso would re-up with New Mexico, which makes sense given that it is practically a suburb of Las Cruses as it is. There would still be the question of what to do with Ciudad Juarez, but that can be dealt with in due time.

Don't think, however, that New Mexico itself has escaped the Modern Secession Movement. Oh far from it. 

Even though, let's be clear, most of the signatures on the NM petition of secession are by out-of-state-ers. New Mexicans may be a cussed lot from time to time, but most of them know what side their bread is buttered on and are well aware that twice as much tax money flows into the state as its comparatively few residents send to Washington.

Were it not for all the military bases and installations and all the labs and university programs and all the other national funding that winds up here, it's hard to imagine that New Mexico would be anything but a very impoverished wilderness and frontier. New Mexicans by and large know this.

On the other hand, they mostly know how to live on the edge. For hundreds of years and perhaps for thousands of years before that, New Mexicans and their Pueblo Indian and other progenitors lived "poor." They had no choice. And they made the best of it -- in sometimes charming, sometimes astonishing ways. The Earth provides -- but rarely abundantly for those who live here.

Secession is seen by the wag-rocracy as more of a joke these days than it was prior to the Civil War. There's been more than a little sniggering over the Texas secession plea, to the tune of "LOL. Kthxbuhbai" and so forth.

The part of New Mexico where we live is often considered an outpost of West Texas, and during various periods, it was claimed by Texas (and periodically invaded.) Everything up to the Rio Grande was once declared Texan, but Texas could never make the claim stick. Instead, there's been a slow migration of Texans into the eastern half of the state, and I wouldn't be surprised if they make up a majority of the population these days.

Nevertheless, Tejanos though they may be, they become New Mexicans once they settle in, and I would bet that given their druthers many of those trapped in the sink-hole that is Texas would dearly love to be adopted by New Mexico. Heh.

New Mexico's current governor is called "Susana la Tejana" because she was born and raised in El Paso and is not of the Old Spanish Stock that has long been prominent in New Mexican politics. But from appearances she's adapted pretty well to New Mexico's customs and ways, to the point where she's almost liked -- despite the fact that she's both a Texan and a Republican.

For myself, I've often encouraged secessionists to do it. Please. Go.

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