Monday, November 19, 2012


Isn't it about time that the so-called "left" -- especially the "left blogosphere" -- stop talking about and fretting over what the Rs need to do to be competitive in future elections?

It's become obsessive.


  1. The Republicans shouldn't be competitive in future elections outside of Red States. Once they called upon the dark energy of the Tea Party, no serious people should ever let them back at the adults' table again. They gambled, lost and deserved to lose and keep losing.

    Of course, the pretext that these ridiculous people are still competitive is necessary to keep Right Wing Democrats viable, which is probably why people are worried about it.

    I look forward to them going the way of the Whig party, myself.

  2. Precisely. It's a game. One that can't be played convincingly without a creditable opponent. Or... "opponent" depending on your point of view.