Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Greek Resistance

We are all Greece. We are all Haiti. We are all Gaza.


  1. Diplomatica: Greece is a sad story, but painful reforms are necessary, says EU ambassador

    See, here's the question: Who in Greece elected this monster to be making decisions for their government? And if the government of Greece is allowing monsters like this to make decisions for them, why haven't its members been given the Quisling treatment?

  2. More and more Greeks and Europeans in general seem to be throwing up their hands regarding "elections" because no matter who they elect, the results are the same; all the serious political parties are apparently captive. The Socialists sold the People out long ago, and there is no viable political opposition except the rightists and fascists.

    In Spain and Portugal, there have been fairly effective election boycotts -- which lead inevitably to victory by the rightists and fascists. I assume the situation is similar in Greece, but the electoral situation there seems more complicated. At any rate, even in France, where the rightists were thrown out by the resurgence of the Socialists, the upshot was essentially the same for the People. Neo-liberal triumph.

    The lesson learned is that elections fail to advance the People's interests. They may -- or may not -- slightly delay the anti-people programs, but they do not seem to have any effect on the austerity and other policies that are crushing the People.

    It's not much different here.

    On the other hand, I don't know why the Greek People didn't long ago storm the parliament and burn it to the ground. Somehow I keep thinking they're gonna do it any day now...

  3. Greece has been pushed to the limit, horror stories equal to any you've heard of in the Third World come out of their regularly, so it's not unreasonable to suppose that that will be the place to watch.