Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OT: Something Interesting

Children at play, San Jose Elementary School, c. 1962 (?)

I saw this picture the other day and it caught my attention -- because I recognized those jungle gyms. The picture was taken at my elementary school in eastern Los Angeles County, but I didn't know that right away. The caption said the picture was taken in 1962. I moved away from there in 1959. Yet there was something very familiar about the picture, and then it came to me.

The second boy from the left looks very much like... me... c. 1957 or perhaps 1958. The third boy from the left strongly resembles my friend Mike. I wonder if the picture was taken some years before the date given in its caption and if I am the boy second from left, and Mike is the boy third from left. It wouldn't surprise me too much.

I was featured in a couple of newspaper articles around that time, and photographers from a number of publications, including LIFE Magazine, paid visits to our school in 1957 and 58 for other feature stories. We were thought to be on the cutting edge of education at the time...


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