Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Plutocrats On A Rampage

Oh my, this is getting fun.

After setting up one of their own (if only a Legacy Hire) to sit on the Throne and being soundly rejected by the electorate, the American Plutocracy is throwing the Mother of All Hissies, now including the reject himself, "Mitch Wromley" (h/t Letterman, Crowley.)

After declaring 47% of the country's voters to be firmly in Obama's pocket because they're dependent on government handouts (ie, they get fed behind the Big House by the Head Darky) and they don't pay income taxes (never mind that little matter of being too poor to pay the income tax), Romney renounced himself and claimed he didn't really mean it. Of course not.

Comes now the very same Mr. Wromley claiming that the field hands and the house negroes alike put Mr. Obama in the White House (as it used to be known) instead of Wromley his ownself because the Head Darky bribed them with student loan forgiveness, Obamacare, and immigration amnesty -- among other things.

Wromley's runningmate, the execrable little turd Ryan (yclept "LyinRyan" by the wags), claims that Obama won because of the "urban" vote (Darkies for Darkies, in other words).

And the Plutocrats are going ballistic, insisting that the only way to get control of this little situation is to make the field hands and house negroes pay. They will suffer for this betrayal of all that's white and holy, oh yes.

First it was the fast-food and restaurant magnates who insisted that providing health care insurance to their staffs was a brutal burden too far, and they would retaliate by firing people and cutting back hours as well as by raising customer prices to compensate for expenses they would refuse to incur. This is much like the Plutocracy's adamant refusal to pay taxes, not even the mingy little bits they are assessed these days. No! they holler. We will not pay! You can't make us!

They've been able to get away with that one for many a long year now, and they've essentially doubled down on their insistence that they be held harmless and immune for the well-being of anyone but themselves. They will not pay! 

The field hands and house negroes shall pay for everything on this Plantation America, and in addition shall be made to pay an assessment, a fee, a tribute to their Lords and Masters, simply for letting them live and sometimes eat.

That's the way it is supposed to be, né?

Now the Aetna CEO is all on a rampage because of  the illusory Fiscal Cliff and all the rest of it. "You will all suffer!"  he screams. "We will make you pay till the end of time for this betrayal!" Oh dear.

So now we're seeing a bit more of the Ol' Tumbrils and Guillotines metaphor being trotted out, to -- shall we say -- help focus the minds  of the Plutocracy.

And to think, it was only a month or so ago when offering such [ahem] metaphors was considered too outré for words in the haute blogosphere. It was [quelle horreur!] "advocacy of violence!!!!" EEEEEEE.

No. It's an illustration. A challenging one, perhaps, but an illustration just the same of what can happen when the plight of the People is ignored or exacerbated. In other words, it's a metaphor.

Oh, and then there's this: something called "Fix the Debt" -- which is nothing but a scam by Bowles and Simpson on behalf of Pete Peterson and the Plutocracy to eviscerate what's left of the social safety net and plump up the bottom lines of every CEO and corporate raider in creation. The Romneys come to mind in that regard for some reason.

It's all about the entitlement mentality of a handful of sadists and crooks who deign to rule us -- by persuasion if they can, by force if necessary.  It's on full display like it hasn't been since the days of the Robber Barons of yore. It didn't end well for them then; it's not conceivable that it will end well for them now.

Well before the outbreak of the Soviet Revolution, however, there was something called the Progressive Revolution in this country which followed hard on the heels of the Populist Uprising that put the Fear of God into the Plutocracy of that era.

Any realistic assessment of Obama's confirmation in the Big Chair, of course, is that he will go along with the demands and outrages of the Plutocracy in the end, for that is his way; the High and the Mighty know that very well; much of their display is posturing for effect.  On the other hand, if the stories of Wromley's delusions about the election are correct (was he really convinced he would win right up to the last call?), they tend to believe several fantastic things before breakfast and they act on them as if they were true, too.

They have no social conscience whatsoever and they defy the very gods themselves.

The more they have their tantrums, the more lunatic they appear.

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