Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cold Global Warming

Well. Here we sit in central New Mexico, on the east side of the Central Mountain Chain, and it's darned near freezing, well, close enough, 60° at 7:45pm.  

According to the "news" the whole rest of the country is roasting in high heat and humidity, and I checked some of the places we know well for temps right now (7:45ish PM MDT):

77° in Sacramento
74° in Los Angeles
81° in Seattle
63° in San Francisco
84° in Chicago
87° in New York
74° in Sarasota
91° in Baltimore
62° in Flagstaff
67° in Albuquerque
66° in Anchorage

It's seems we're in the coldest place in the country at the moment. The sky is cloudy, there are individual drops of rain from time to time, but no real storm. The wind was high for a little while today, but not like some days when the dust rolls in (we've had a couple of major dust storm incidents the past couple of days). The weather people say the weather we're having now is part of a storm over Texas, moving into New Mexico slowly overnight, fed by moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and it would be "Classic Monsoon" except that the weather is rotating in the wrong direction. Very strange.

We've had rain most days since June 30, and some people say it's almost enough to break the drought, but I don't think so. Despite the rain, we still have to irrigate some of the plants. It can be hot and very dry in the daytime. The sunflowers sometimes take the heat and daytime dryness particularly hard. But the last couple of days have been very mild and now it's almost cold. They say there will probably be heavy rain during the night, and more tomorrow. Cool or moderate temperatures to continue through the rest of the week and into the weekend. Amazing.

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