Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slight Hiatus

A friend is visiting from California for the next few days, and quite a lot of sightseeing and such like is planned during her stay here. Posting will be light or non-existent for the duration. There's Spanish Market in Santa Fe, endless events in Abq, several widely scattered restaurants to visit, people to connect with, and on and on. May even have to head up to Taos for the D. H. Lawrence vibe or Abiquiu for a moment of O'Keefe zen. Having a visitor in New Mexico can turn into quite a production.

[The rain yesterday was amazing, steady but not drenching, for hours and hours. The drought may not be quite broken yet, but it's inching towards some relief. Yay!

Meanwhile, they tell me we're still under surveillance, though all New Mexico's reps voted to "de-fund" NSA. Even the Dems.]

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