Monday, July 1, 2013

Rain! Glorious Rain!

We had at least 40 minutes of steady and sometimes hard rain yesterday, the greatest amount of rainfall in months. And months.

I wouldn't say the drought is broken by any means, but it was so exciting to see any rain at all, we made fools of ourselves. While visiting a friend, we heard a loud clap of thunder outside, and shortly thereafter I could hear the rain on the roof. "It's raining!" I said. Everybody looked as if I'd gone mad. I said, "Rain!" and got up to go open the door, and sure enough, it was pouring. We all stood around gawping.

Then we went outside and stood around in it. Splashed and played in the puddles. Got muddy. Wet. And thrilled.

I know. Simple things...

We're grateful for the rain.

Let there be more...


  1. Yep. Even got a few drops yesterday. It's not quite the Monsoon, but we're happy to see any rain these days!