Thursday, July 18, 2013

Compiling Some Hastings Thing Things

This Corbett Report compilation aired on July 6; it gives a good overview of what was/is known and unknown about Michael Hastings and his untimely demise.

We should recall that there was immediate pushback on the notion that Richard Clarke put out there that yes, indeed, cars could be 'easily' hacked and control, including brakes, steering, and acceleration, could be remotely controlled. Clarke, it was said, was deliberately spreading disinfo in order to cover up.... something... for... someone.

Then here's the interview with the witness that is referenced in the Corbett video but not shown:

His testimony is slightly different than what he said in broken English to the Loud Labs guy who talked to him at the scene of the crash shortly after it happened, but it's essentially the same. What is striking to me is that he said the car was burning -- or at least there were sparks coming from beneath it -- as it crossed Melrose a couple of hundred feet before it crashed.

In this extended interview, he says he was never interviewed by LAPD. Typical. The only witness to the entire crash, and the LAPD doesn't see fit to ask for his statement.

[Note: I wouldn't have been able to sleep for weeks either if I'd witnessed something like that. Sheesh. Now imagine what it is like for our overseas victims who witness the sudden annihilation brought on by our Imperial Drone Squadrons.]

Here's a description of what was recorded by a video surveillance camera at the pizza restaurant at the corner of Melrose and Highland. For some reason the video itself has not been released, nor, so far as I know, have any of the surveillance videos taken along Highland that early morning been released. It being Hollywood, there must be many of them. Yet nothing has shown up on the tubes.

Hastings remains were apparently sent to be cremated by the LA Coroner, against the family's wishes, but this story, though widespread, has not been confirmed by Hastings' wife, who is said to be working on completion of his final project (she's a journalist, too). But she was also National Security Council Spokesperson from 2008-2009 and served as speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice in the Bush Admin. Let's not fool ourselves here. In other words, she seems to be pretty keyed in to the RW/Bushevik/Cheneyite Apparat. Which may have some bearing on what's going on.

Given the timing of this incident, shortly after the beginning of the Snowden Thing, but quite a while after the start of the Obama Triple-Scandal Thing -- and its subsequent unraveling, though Michael was still pushing the Benghazi Thing and the IRS Thing almost up to the moment of his death -- it would be irresponsible not to speculate (as Peg Noonan used to say) about whether there are any dots to be connected here beyond the obvious ones about Michael having a target on his back for the Stanley McChrystal Thing.

Just who or what is running this pop stand, anyway?

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