Monday, July 8, 2013

The Egypt Thing: Massacres Now

It was all but foregone.

When the Masters of The Universe set out to retrieve their property, such as nations and peoples, they will stop at nothing to have their way.

The recent uprising in Egypt struck me from the outset as something being manipulated in pursuit of a specific objective: return of the nation to its Owners, ie: the Neo-Liberal Masters who have apparently been cheerfully using popular discontent with sclerotic despots around the world to set up their own systems of pillage and plunder against the interests of the People.

When the Muslim Brotherhood was victorious in the Egyptian elections, despite every effort to undermine them, I doubted things would end well. For any number of reasons, it seemed unlikely they would be permitted to succeed, even if they were politically astute enough to maneuver through the shitstorm they would encounter.

Well, here we are.

While there were reports of killings previously, the massacre of peaceful demonstrators outside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo is taking the Egyptian people into new territory -- one that will lead to the deaths of many more Egyptians. Let's not fool ourselves. This is what they do. A civil war is fine with them as long as it means the lower orders -- which means everyone who isn't on top -- are fighting among themselves.

We've seen it in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, and now apparently we'll see it in Egypt, and we'll see it because the opposition to the forces that wish to retrieve the property they believe is rightfully theirs are determined to prevent it and have said they will not allow it. And they have a lot of popular support.

Now it's not simply a matter of suppressing them. Now they must be crushed. Eliminated. Exterminated.

The Nile will run with blood as the Tigris did before.

The rabble will learn their lesson or else.

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