Monday, August 18, 2014

I Saw The Most Amazing Thing

The police were inciting the crowd on W. Florissant, forming a line of gas-masked and roided-up officers, bringing up the armored cars, launching sound-cannon, ordering dispersal of the crowd, and threatening dire consequences. The crowd became angry, but community monitors were moving them back away from the police line. When the police continued to threaten and acted like they were going to use tear gas, the media -- dozens of them -- moved in, directly between the crowd and the police, and they stayed there no matter the threats and loud sounds. They stayed, and they protected the crowd, whether they meant to or not, they did.

The police stayed in their line, they did not advance on the people. They did not fire tear gas. They sent one of their vehicles to a side street and another went to the middle of the block.

People refused to leave, but they were not violent, despite the incitement by the police. There may have been a few water bottles thrown at the police line but nothing more.

The media's action prevented another night of police riot.

Who'd a thunk.

Of course it's early yet...

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