Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nobody Believes Him

A 2:00am - ish news conference featuring Magic Negro Captain Ron Johnson. After a police chaplain sends up prayers, the MN C Johnson speechifies for a few minutes, reading haltingly from a prepared text announcing any number of falsehoods, tells the media not to interfere with police (by blocking an attack on the crowd for example?) and then shows off guns "confiscated near the media area" and a bottle of Colt .45 with a rag stuffed in it, claiming it's a "Molotov cocktail" -- something neither media nor crowd members say they've never seen thrown despite numerous claims by police of being subjected to rocks, bottles, gunfire and Molotov cocktails.

IMO, he's lying. Nearly everything he says is a lie from the moment he starts opening his mouth.

And then he ends it with an emotional plea to the media to work with the police to control and suppress the crowds -- rather than stand between the crowd and a roided and armored up police line like they did last night.

MN C Johnson repeats the constant litany of "outside agitators", "gunfire directed at police," "Molotov cocktails thrown at police," and "assaults on police" (who cry because they aren't allowed to whack some Negroes because of it) none of which has been witnessed by members of the crowd or the media.

It's all a fantasy/litany of tropes from the urban riot play book, and that's not, obviously, what's going on in Ferguson, as any honest reporter from within the crowds has documented. There have been repeated reports of "gunfire" that turn out not to have happened at all or to have been fireworks. There have been endless reports by the police of "Molotov cocktails" thrown at police that appear to be completely false, as there has never been -- NEVER BEEN -- any evidence whatsoever of any such thing happening. NONE. Nobody has ever documented a thrown Molotov cocktail, not one. The beer bottle displayed by MN C Johnson early this morning appeared to be partly filled with beer. You can't make a Molotov out of it. Every thrown bottle that's been witnessed by crowd or media is a plastic water bottle, either empty or with water in it, and they are few and far between, mostly launched by individuals in the center or back of a crowd, and who are widely believed to be plants, provocateurs.

The assaults and attacks -- from Day One -- have all been by police.

All of them.

The media has been in the midst of many of these attacks, as they were last night, but there were things going on that they were forbidden to see, areas they were prohibited from accessing, and last night, after the police line swept the area on W. Florissant between Ferguson and Canfield Drive, the media was ordered to leave and reassemble at the police command post at the Target parking lot on the Ferguson/Jennings border. They did so, and as they did, they knew there was something going on near the Quick Trip, but they couldn't see or document it. Tear gas had been fired, and there were many, many police and riot control vehicles down there, but that's not where the crowd had been. It is where "gunshots" were declared to have been fired, but there was no way to know. Someone was declared to have been wounded and was brought by private car to the police line at Ferguson Dr, very dramatically, during the standoff with police earlier in the evening, directly in front of the media scrum, but then he got out of the car and walked into the police control area and to the back of an armored vehicle. No ambulance was on scene, and so far as could be seen, no emergency vehicle transported this supposedly wounded person.

These details are noticed, and there is more and more skepticism of police accounts of "riot" in the streets of Ferguson.

Much of what's happening appears to be staged. And why not? This morning, MN C Johnson claimed that "outside agitators" from New York and California had been arrested. Some wag at the presser asked -- "were they media?" Numerous media personnel have been arrested, and many of their headquarters are in New York and California, so the question was reasonable. Further, the drama of the continual evidence-free announcements by police is very much a factor New York/California cop shows.

The lies and deceptions just keep piling up, day after day, night after night, and by now nobody much believes Captain Johnson or much of anything the police and authorities say.

Something else is going on, and I wonder if we'll get a better idea of what it is after Labor Day -- which seems to be the calendar's pivot point since 9/11.


  1. Che,

    Officer Wilson is changing his story, too.

    Yesterday, CNN read a summary of what happened from Wilson's point of view, although his version comes via a "woman friend" who wrote or called in to CNN to "spread the word". This is not an eye-witness to the whole thing, but a friend who said Wilson wanted to tell his side of the story and had relayed the scene to her, giving her permission to send it to the news. His story yesterday morning was that he was trying to put Brown in the car when Brown reached for Wilson's gun. There was a struggle, during which Brown slugged him in the face. At some point, the gun went off, and Brown took off running with Wilson in hot pursuit. He fired other shots because he knew Brown was a "dangerous felon" at that point.

    Apparently, Wilson listened to the news later yesterday and last night. The idiots on CNN had on some "experts" who said that the face and head wounds to Brown could "conceivably" have come from Brown putting his head down and trying to charge at Wilson like a bull, although all of them pointed out that this was unlikely, given that Brown had 4 gunshot wounds already and was probably in pain and starting to keel over or cover his injuries, as people do. I gather that Wilson likes this "conceivable" story better than his own, because early this morning another "woman friend" sent in a sorta different (new! and improved!) version of events. This came from Wilson himself, she claimed, and she was authorized to spread the (new! and improved!) word.

    The new story is that there was a struggle at the police vehicle, Wilson was slugged, he knew Brown was a dangerous "felon" and when Brown took off, Wilson ran after to stop him and detain him. Brown ran a short way and then turned toward Wilson, put his head down and charged like a bull in an effort to overwhelm Wilson. Wilson had no choice but to fire on the felon, who was determined to take out Wilson. As a flourish, this story ends with the comment that it was clear that Brown was "hopped up on something" and "out of control".

    No-one on CNN's news team seemed to recall the other story (from just yesterday, for fuck's sake) and they did not point out the peculiar discrepancies between the two stories or the odd timing. (Wilson suddenly remembered being charged like a bull by a berserk Brown only after some ass-hat suggested that might be the explanation for the face and head wounds.) No-one finds it odd that these stories magically appear from "friends of Wilson" rather than Wilson himself, and the stories are treated with the same seriousness as eye-witness reports.

    And, sure enough, now CNN is saying that Brown had marijuana "on board"; i.e., he must be a freaky hop-head gangsta meth-user crack-head berserker. Yesterday, we were told the toxicology reports might take weeks, but I guess testing for the old ganja doesn't take all that long, especially when the cops want to prove that weed is a killer drug and leads to complete derangement.

    BTW, I have never in my life seen so many white-on-black racist comments as I see attached to articles about Ferguson. Makes me ashamed to be white.

    Here's a good article about last night in Ferguson:


    1. Isn't that special, though?

      I'm not sure when the "Brown musta charged like a bull" meme got going, but I've been hearing it for days, since the autopsy showed a bullet to the top of Brown's head. Before that, no. Not even a hint, but apparently some people were hearing it a while back, likely due to a rumor about what the autopsy showed. As Baden pointed out, the autopsy info should have been available -- and should have been released -- within a day or so of the murder.

      If CNN has Wilson's lady-friends calling in to spread that notion now, then I guess that's going to be the Official Story, and when it goes to the Grand Jury (tomorrow?) that will be enough for them to refuse to charge the Brave Officer Wilson, who only did what was necessary, put down this wild, savage, charging Negro Giant, no? He was a Felon! A Running Felon! A Negro hop-head!!!!!

      Either that or the Raving Negro Giant hopped up on Mari-ju-wana committed Suicide By Cop the way they so often do.


      The white-racist wilding on the internets has been gobsmacking. I don't remember anything like it back in the Old Days, either. Well, yes I do, but not so much of it, so overt and so violently expressed so often. BTW it is almost identical in tone and frequency to the anti-Russian/racist bullshit spewing constantly during the Ukrainian uprising, and the lies still coming out of the mouths of officials in Kiev remind me a whole lot of the lies being officially spread about gunfire, Molotovs and so on in Ferguson.

      Thanks for the link to the WSWS article. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I will...

  2. Now Antonio French appears to be convinced that it's all due to Commies... Jebus Christmas. This is crazy. (Also fits the pattern of the Kiev thing. Really. Communists have been blamed for the civil war, and they've been banned from the parliament. Communists? Jebus.)

    1. Forgot the link: Missouri Torch . (Warning, Vines embedded in link, and they freeze up my browser.)

  3. I've been trying to find the two different versions of the story and get this: the CNN story from yesterday has been "updated" to include the "charging like a bull" shit. (Like that play on words I did there?) What they have done is to meld both stories into one in this updated version. You can't tell where one ends and the other begins because the written "transcript" mere states that it was updated without saying what was changed.

    I suppose it is possible that CNN only read a part of the story the first time, and now chooses to include the final portion as well, but it is odd that the two stories did not match each other when read on the air at the two different times. CNN now clearly states that the story is one story from one woman. It is also possible that some CNN editing went on both times the stories were read (who knows?). I guess the only way to actually verify that I heard what I heard would be for me to tape every single thing I see on TV. Which I can't do and wouldn't bother to do even if I could. (I have started to copy and paste to myself entire written articles I am interested in, because I have so often found that the stories are changed after original publication.)

    In any case, both stories are now presented as a seamless whole, both as coming from "Josie" who originally called it in to a radio show. I cannot find the original CNN broadcasts that I saw, although I only did a quick search and can't even remember which CNN shows I was watching each time. I can only find transcripts, which as I say are "updated". Since the CNN reporters read the words aloud, there wouldn't be a way for me to compare the voices of the "friends of Wilson women" anyway; the woman's words were read aloud by the reporters.

    I suspect CNN read a shortened (and edited?) version at first and later read another portion after their own speculative charged-like-a-bull extravaganza had gone on all day on in the meantime. Josie's story, if the updated written version on CNN is to be believed, uses the phrase "bum-rushed" at two different points in the story, and maybe she actually said it that way. (Brown must have been really bold, in her version of things; he is bum-rushing a cop with a gun repeatedly.) She also claims that Wilson heard a call over the radio about the "strong-arm robbery" and noticed the cigars in Brown's hand, which is why he backed up and returned to the boys to detain them. This disagrees with the police chief's story, of course, but what the hell. The full story as told by Josie herself would be on the radio station's transcript logs and even if her story sounds a bit contradictory within itself, I see no point in trying to track that down. I mean, this person (or persons) has a different version of things than actual eye-witnesses, and really wants support for Wilson. For all I know, "Josie" is Wilson's wife. And there will be more "Josies" out there as time goes on, because that is the way these things work.

    It's all moot. The stories will shift and change, the media will change and edit, the truth will be obfuscated, and everyone will be confused. Which is the point of the entire exercise right there.

    1. I'm convinced CNN rots your brain, just as Twitter does.... ;-)