Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Instagrams, Vines, Twitter Feeds and Livestreams

I find I'm barely paying attention to television and print "news" about what's going on in Ferguson, in part because there are so many alternatives available, many of which are raw, unedited, on scene, and immediate.

Elon James has an Instagram page through which he details some of his experiences in Ferguson. I love his observation that "everything's OK now. Anderson Cooper is here!" posts.

Antonio French has been burning up Twitter and Vine with his posts from the scenes in both StL and Ferguson. (Note: Vines tend to freeze my browser, perhaps because of blocked ads. I dunno, but I don't like it...)

Fox2 in StL has a Livestream2 where they post raw live video frequently throughout the day and night. It can be more informative than their news broadcasts, although for a regular broadcast station (and FOX no less) they have had some of the best coverage of Ferguson of any on the air.

Mustafa Hussein has been doing heroic work with Argus Radio and the "I Am Mike Brown" live and archived coverage of events in Ferguson, Clayton and StL.

Tim Pool is covering the Ferguson beat for VICE and is sometimes live from the scene of the action. When there is "action." He was pinned down at one point while gas and grenades were being fired at demonstrators and unseen gunmen were firing bullets over his head. He said he was hit by a rubber bullet. It was all very dramatic but not very informative.

There are quite a few other relatively reliable news source at the scene. There are so many in fact, it's almost impossible to keep up.

The #Ferguson Twitter feed is chaotic -- not surprisingly -- but I've found a lot of real news through some of the posts.

Check 'em out...

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