Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The CNN Summer Riot Show

Followed immediately by a Summer Shark Story. Jeeze.

Not having cable and rarely watching network "news" I don't see this kind of coverage. Pulling it up online this morning was disorienting but also informative.

I was watching FOX2 and "I am Mike Brown" livestreams last night, and I could see something was going on down by Canfield Drive, and many police-troops were assembling there, shooting off teargas and what have you, but both of the livestreamers were a quarter mile away by the Ferguson Drive police line so you couldn't really tell what was going on down by Canfield Dr. You just knew it was "something."

CNN was there and was able to document some of what was happening. This is where the police claimed -- falsely in my opinion -- that the crowd had fired guns and threw Molotov cocktails at police. That isn't what is documented in the CNN video.

For one thing, there is no gunfire at all, not from the crowd, and not from the police, at least not that I can tell. There is an abundance of tear gas and grenades fired from the police line, however,  and many of the grenades are thrown back at the police. The grenades start small fires in the street, and that might be what the police are claiming is "Molotovs" -- I don't know. But there has been no evidence EVER that anyone in Ferguson has EVER thrown a Molotov cocktail at police. EVER.

Those who were closely following the uprising in Kiev saw numerous incidents of real Molotov cocktails being thrown at -- and hitting -- police and later in Odessa where Molotovs were thrown at the Trade Union Building, and they saw the results, which were awful. Nothing even remotely like that has happened in Ferguson. Instead, the police have repeatedly fired grenades -- smoke, flash-bang, and teargas -- at the crowds, often with no justification (except that there are a lot of Negroes out and about, and we can't have that), and members of the crowd have thrown them back at the police. Because the grenades often start fires or are on fire as they are being thrown, I believe those grenades being thrown back at the police are what they have called "Molotov cocktails."

CNN documented it, so that was good, but then their reporter Don Lemon suggested-hinted that the crowd was throwing Molotov cocktails, and no one -- like Jake Tapper -- who witnessed what was happening corrected him, so the impression is left that the crowd was throwing Molotovs when they weren't.

Meanwhile, the photographer's graphic testimony, that teargas was fired at him, hit him and went off at his feet choking him, and members of the crowd helped him, as there was no emergency services, contrasts sharply with the Official Story of "gunfire" directed at police. There was no evidence of any such thing, only statements by police. The evidence showed injury to this man, a photographer, hit by tear gas fired by police, nothing was fired at police, and members of the crowd helping the man down, not police or emergency services. Yet in the followon report, CNN merely repeats what police say, and pretty much ignore the direct testimony of the photographer.

This is propaganda, pure and simple. They will say they "reported" what really happened (by letting the photographer talk) but then they parrot the police.


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  1. Tim Pool apparently was out and about last nite. I tried to pull up a live feed from him or Vice News, but there was nothing when I looked.

    This video is hard on the eye and brain to watch because of the herky jerky feed and the sometimes wildly spinning camera work -- Tim's camera work was MUCH better at Occupy, at least until he got fingered for livestreaming some direct actions and actors who didn't want to be on camera, and afterwards he sometimes retreated to the peripheries and stayed well away from action.

    At any rate, it's additional documentation of what was going on at/near the QuickTrip during the time that media was mostly concentrated at the W. Florissant/Ferguson Drive police line. It wasn't pretty.