Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is This the Killer Standing Over Michael Brown's Body?

Moments after Michael Brown was shot

Some pictures of Darren Wilson, Michael Brown's killer, have surfaced on the Internet:

I'd say the similarities are pretty strong. 

The first picture was taken and posted by TheePharoah moments after he witnessed the shooting outside his apartment. 

Looks to me like it's the same officer, and though the image is fuzzy, there might still be a smoking gun in the officer's right hand.
Thanks to Teri49 this is video shot from above directly after Michael Brown was killed by Officer Wilson, seen on the right. 

It seems to me that the shopkeeper who was robbed was a hell of a lot braver than this coward, and that goes triple for all the roided up officers deployed against the good people of Ferguson subjected to night after night of police riot and terror.


  1. Yes, that is Wilson. See my comment on your last post.

    1. Thanks for the confirmation. I saw this picture days ago (actually this is a blown-up enhanced crop from the twit-pic) and thought to myself "that's the killer cop," but until I saw the pictures of Wilson today, there was no way to be sure.

      If you've got a video link to Wilson at the scene, that would be useful...

  2. Che,
    I have just spent more than an hour searching....we saw cell phone video on a news show (CNN or MSNBC probably), but it seems to be gone now. Just gone; taken down/scrubbed from the news sites. CNN has one short video from shortly after the murder, but that one is not the one I saw. In the current and only CNN video available now, crime scene tape is already in place. The original one I saw was like the still photo you have here; before any tape was in place and only the one cop on the scene. Maybe CNN cut the opening scenes from what they are showing now?

    Very odd. I know I saw it - my daughter and I both remarked that the cop wasn't doing what you'd expect - CPR, calling an ambulance, etc. He just seemed to pace back and forth, peering at the body.

    If I see it again, I'll let you know, but I think it's been disappeared.

  3. Che,

    I gather that last night (Sunday night), Gov Nixon announced his decision to call in the Nat'l Guard. Also, the cops began using tear gas and rubber bullets before the curfew went into effect, one cop threatened to shoot a journalist for filming - the reporter claims that the cop had a gun pointed at his head at that moment - and they brought out and used the sound machine. (LRAD? Is that the acronym?)

    During the day yesterday, the FBI and cops patrolled the streets and had checkpoints throughout Ferguson, stopping everyone and asking for ID. Curfew is now extended indefinitely.

    WSWS has some good articles up on the situation. One mentions this about the "good cop", Johnson: "The night after the [Al Sharpton] event [e.g., last night], police under Johnson’s direction fired tear gas and deployed armored vehicles against peaceful protesters, well before the midnight curfew, which has now been extended indefinitely."

    Al Sharpton organized a meeting and spent quite a lot of his speaking time exhorting the attendees to vote Democrat. (Uh...?) See above article.

    Another article ends with this paragraph:

    "Reports emerged late Sunday indicating that Michael Brown’s autopsy confirmed that the unarmed 18-year-old received at least six rounds to the front of his body, including one round which penetrated through the top of his skull."

  4. Okay. So I have CNN on right now (8:30 am) and they are getting ready to show a "new, exclusive" video of the scene immediately after Brown was shot. From the still that they showed, it appears this might be the same video I saw a day or so back.

    The stupid lady commenter on CNN's "New Day" show had a pathologist on earlier, who reviewed the report on Brown's body. I do not think he was the pathologist who did the autopsy. He pointed out that obviously Brown was falling forward in order for that one shot to have entered his head the way it did. He was shot 4 times in one arm and twice in the head. (This is sickening for me to write.) She asked if the evidence doesn't belie the witness stories that Brown was shot from behind, and he answered that any of the wounds to the arm could have come from the back. He showed how a person in panic and running would turn, duck, flail his arms while moving and said that it would be almost impossible to determine for sure if the shots came from the front or back. Despite what he said, she has gone on to tell everyone that the autopsy report proves that the eye-witnesses were wrong and Brown was never shot while running away. She says the report "completely discredits" the "so-called eyewitnesses".

    Everyone on CNN is mystified as to why some of the people in Ferguson are so pissed off and why the situation got out of control last night. No-one, not even Don Lemmon, who is there "on the ground" is telling the viewers that the city was subjected to police and FBI checkpoints all day and that the FBI was going door to door intimidating (I mean, interviewing) everyone.

    Okay, they just showed the video, but for some reason decided to merely show it in the background while someone interviewed the woman who took it. They did not show the whole thing and they talked over the video's soundtrack. It looks like the same thing I saw the other day: Wilson standing over the body, talking to the first other cop who shows up, pacing back and forth, looking dismally at Brown's body. Neither cop checks Brown for signs of life, although given that he was shot in the head twice, perhaps there would have been no point.

    The person interviewing the woman who took the video doesn't ask her many questions, although the young lady saw the whole thing start to finish. The witness said that it looked like Wilson tried to pull Brown into his cruiser by his shirt. Brown pulled away and the cop went ballistic. She said he DID shoot at Brown as Brown was running away - here the interviewer quickly says, "The autopsy report says he was not shot in the back", to which the witness says the cop shot at him as he ran away and if that bullet hit or not, she could not tell, but that it was after that first shot, which she says must have grazed Brown, as he seemed to respond in some way to it - and Brown turned toward the cop after that first shot, putting his hands up and saying he did not have a gun. Wilson kept shooting and shooting.

    I guess check the videos on CNN "New Day Show". Maybe they will have it on the website without the interviewers talking over it and blocking the picture. If this is not the video I saw the other day, the one I saw was taken at the same time.

    Fuck the reporters, man. They refuse to do anything but try to make the people of Ferguson look like gangsters and leave out huge chunks of the story. I'm turning off the TV now.


  5. Sorry about the weird phrasing in some of my sentences. I was trying to type as I watched the TV.

    I just sent an email to Don Lemon at CNN (the "reporter on the ground", suggesting he might want to tell the parts of the story he's left out: about the people being hassled by the cops and FBI all day Sunday, about the young lady (video-taker) who clearly saw Brown being shot at from BEHIND by Wilson as he fled in terror, the fact that Wilson clearly fired the last shots as Brown was slumping forward, etc.

    I think I'd be throwing shit at the cops if I had had to deal with fucking checkpoints while headed out to the grocery store. Like all the people in Ferguson are suspects, for God's sake.

    OK. I'm done.

    1. Thanks. I will check CNN, but as you see, they really seem clueless about all of this.

      I just watched the press conference about the Baden autopsy, and they stated very forcefully and clearly that one of the wounds to Michael Brown's arm could have been caused by a shot when he was running away or when he had his hands up. In other words, they can't be certain of what his posture was when he received that wound.

      So basically CNN is bullshitting big time when they say that the autopsy "disproves" witness accounts. It does not, and the Baden team was very clear about that.

      Now that the National Guard is moving in, the checkpoints will only increase.

      I would move the demonstrations to Clayton where the County Atty is and to Downtown StL But keep them going even if they are locking down Ferguson.


  6. Yep, that is the video... sick making.

    Is he proud of his work?

  7. Check out this story; I think it is highly unlikely the St Louis County prosecutor will bring charges against Wilson. The story is about a different case, but keep reading and you'll come to some info about the county prosecutor.

    1. Yeah, they're suggesting something might go to the Grand Jury as soon as Wednesday. Holder will be in St Louis tomorrow, no doubt to gently prod the officials in charge to get their show on the road.

      However, Grand Juries are notoriously easy to manipulate for the desired outcome by prosecutors. Since McCulloch's father was a policeman killed by a black man, he should recuse. That's not likely to happen. Ergo, Wilson will probably not face state charges.

      Even if he does, he'd likely get off -- with a medal and parade. Something like 67% of whites in Missouri think the cops are justified in use of force against Those People.

      The civil rights case might go differently, but the investigation will take forever and there might not be a trial even then.