Saturday, January 19, 2008


Video from Blog Roger Jones [Chica bum, chica bum, chica bum, bum, bum! Chic.]

By now everybody knows about DNI Mike McConnell letting the cat out of the bag:

"All your internet traffic are belong to us."

Interesting way he puts it, too:

The President has not announced it yet.

The obvious implication is that all internet traffic has been and is being monitored, without warrant and without exception, kind of like all the telephone traffic in and out of the country and much of the domestic telephone traffic is apparently being monitored, without warrants and contrary to law.

McConnell also helpfully points out that FISA is the most serious and outrageous impediment to serious surveillance "reforms."

Oh my.

And what will our dauntless Congress do? In the face of yet another fait accompli? Hm? Well, we already know, don't we? The House will go along with anything the DNI proposes. Senator Dodd will manfully stand -- almost alone -- on behalf of the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Sixty votes will be found to shut him up. And the New Homeland Security State will expand.

Lawrence Wright discusses it with Matt Dellinger: MP3

Note, Wright has been surveilled himself, knows it, and when McConnell claims Americans would not be surveilled, Wright says, "Well, I've been surveilled." His story on the podcast is chilling, though Wright tries to make light of it.


  1. I hope you've brushed up on your German, Kamerad, because I have a feeling "Horst Wessel Lied" is going to be our new national anthem before too long.

    Incidentally, how do you embed videos in your blog?

  2. There is no doubt that we are dealing with a very aggressive and determined Surveillance State Apparaus, and whether their anthem is the "Horst Wessel Lied" or the "Internationale" -- or "March of the Volunteers" -- is hard to tell. It sure isn't "The Star Spangled Banner."

    But they have no intention of backing off this time, none, not like they did after Watergate.

    They are playing for keeps.

    Congress will do nothing to stand in their way.

    What will the People do about it?

    As for those vids: nearly all the YouTube and most of the Google and other videos posted online have an "embed" feature on their home page. Just copy the "embed" code (on YouTube, it's on the right side of the screen among the details about the video; with Google, it's a little harder to find, click on "email/embed", then on "embed html") and paste the code in your own blog posts. Wah-lah! Embedded video! Clicking on the embedded video takes you to the home page for that vid.