Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How Dare You!

Over at Glenn Greenwald's Place, there's quite a discussion going on about the DogAwful treatment Hillary received from the media (especially from Tweety Matthews and his handful of acolytes and devotees) and their current state of stupefied bewilderment that the voters of New Hampshire chose Hillary over Barack in the primary yesterday.

Matthews fully deserves every bit of the criticism he's getting today, yet he's said to be lashing out at the voters of NH for their betrayal. After all, the polls all said that Obama was in the lead, perhaps way in the lead, and when the results came in, nobody on the air could believe it. "Betrayal" is only half the problem. These voters apparently didn't even listen to the crap being spewed by the high and the mighty Media News Stars.

David Brooks on PBS was apoplectic. He said over and over he "didn't believe it." Voters were "defying the polls." Defying him, as he had only that day anointed Obama on the pages of the NY Times, and all over Wingnutistan, "President Obama" was the lead story after Iowa. Well, the voters may or may not have ideas of their own.

How. Dare. They.

If I dare hope anything from the coming maelstrom it is that Our Media Stars get the comeuppance they have so richly earned.

Pitchforks and torches sound pretty good right now...

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