Wednesday, January 2, 2008


NPR and most of the other "news" outlets have been running with a consistent media spin on the situation in Kenya that follows a narrative of 'tribal rivalries,' 'ancient animosities,' and 'brutal African Natives.'

Very little is said about the bogus election of Mwai Kibaki that has triggered the revolt and the bloodshed. Instead, we're treated to endless beard-tugging over all this ethnic struggle among the Uncivilized Savages. Been going on for hundreds of years. They're just that way. Pity.

No mention of the proxy war going on next door in Somalia (which sometimes spills over into Kenya.) No mention of the United States' interference in Kenyan affairs (GWOT and all that, dontchaknow). It's as if there is only one media narrative that explains all "unrest" in all uncivilized countries, all the time. Ethnic rivalries that have been "just below the surface" for hundreds of years. The idea that something actually happened (a rigged election for example) that caused this outbreak of violence is simply impossible.

And there is an assumption that Kibaki is the legitimate president because he was "elected," and Condi Rice calls him up.

Nothing at all about the opposition and their very legitimate complaints. No, just like the Bloomberg campaign, everyone must come together and go forth in unity.

Beggars belief. 

But Kibaki and Musharraf and who knows how many others are simply following the Bush-Cheney example, aren't they?

They just brazen it out.

(Note: the video was made by some Norwegian [Danish?] kids on safari in Kenya this spring. Cute, innit?)

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