Friday, January 4, 2008

John Hoo?

I just heard a mention of John Edwards on NPR's "Morning Edition". It's one of the very few mentions of Edwards there has been since the Iowa Caucusi last night, where he finished a decent second to Barack Obama, and just ahead of Hillary Clinton.

The mention this morning was brief and amounted to noting that Political Experts "don't expect the Edwards campaign to last much longer."

No mention of who these Experts are, nor how they come to such a conclusion. Such is the state of politcal reporting in the United States.

I've done a quick search through news sources this morning, and all the mentions (of which there are relatively few) of him are positive, show no sign of immanent collapse of his campaign, do not even hint he's giving up.


He is rigorously ignored, almost as ignored as Ron Paul the Anti-War Republican.

And Political Experts have declared his campaign doomed -- if not already dead.

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