Sunday, January 6, 2008


OK. So this election is about Change. Everybody agrees. Hillary. Huck. Mitt. Barack. St. John and John. All of them. All the papers. All the news shows, too. No more SameOldSameOld; this time it's too important to let the Past get in the way of Our Bright New Future.

OK. I'm down with that.

Trouble is, are we gonna get any Ch-ch-changes, or... horrors... are we gonna go through 1968 again, when everybody was up in arms about everything, demanding Changes right and left... and blood flowed in the streets, cities burned, assassins' bullets flew.

We got Change, all right.

We got Nixon.

[Note: Blogger bloggered up on me, the rest of this post was lost somewhere in the ether.... Oh well!]

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