Thursday, June 30, 2011

And Another Thing About Greece

It seems to be conventional wisdom that Greece will default on its debts. Not immediately, but soon enough. And the only point of the draconian austerity measures being imposed by the Bankster cartels and their captive governments is to squeeze the most possible out of the Greek People before the inevitable default.

Makes sense to me.


  1. Isn't that a sweet deal? And it's good just about everywhere in the world. The banksters can run up massive debt, gamble away trillions, while stealing billions in "commissions" for themselves in the process. Their companies are shielded by all sorts of laws and government back-stops, and they'll be paid 100% on their losses. They won't have to give back any of their bonus money, or their profits, and the government will actually help them buy up their smaller neighbors.

    The people will cover them.

    Of course, this is dastardly hyperbole, but it reminds me of thousands of slaves building temples for pharaoh. They get zippo out of the deal, and die young. Pharaoh and his entire bureaucracy thrive, grow stronger and seem even greater to the little people in the muck and blood. They see this as "natural". Something god-ordained.

    . . . .

    America isn't fighting back at all. All too many Americans actually see this as strangely comforting. They can dream of a future sweet deal for themselves. Cuz our national mythos isn't about helping the down and outs. It's about escaping, alone, from the down and outs and never looking back.

  2. "Dastardly hyperbole?" I think not. I think it's spot on.

    Just saw the Beeb's Katie Kay doing a piece on the stirkes in Britian, in which stated straight out that "pensions will have to be cut. There's no way around it," while the reporter on the story confronted some Royal Treasury dweeb with the facts: "You have plenty of money to pay pensions, don't you? You wouldn't have to cut them or force workers pay more and work longer if you weren't trying to take the pension funds to pay the defict. Isn't that right?"

    The dweeb came close to admitting the awful truth.

    Everything for the Banksters, nothing for the People.

    As for Americans, I've made the point from time to time -- so have you and some others, but too few others -- that our system is the problem, and it naturally produces the results we see. Our system -- political and economic -- is purpose designed to protect the predator class. It works. For its intended objectives. But the predators require ever-expanding reservoirs of prey, and they've decided their favored prey is now to be found overseas, not at home. They still need to squeeze every dime they can out of the rest of us, but they don't "need" the United States or Americans any more for their primary resource.

    For years now, it's been clear at the state level that raising the taxes on the rich is a necessary fiscal discipline, but one of the chief arguments against it is that if you do that, they'll move somewhere else. To which I say, "So?" Let them go. They are merely parasitic anyway. Let them go.

    We should be getting closer and closer to that point nationally, too.

  3. Ah, those rain-plashed Brits!!

    I love the smell of strikes and very loud and angry protesters in the morning. It smells like . . . . evolution.

    . . .

    Yep. It's our system. And you're right. The predator class is getting very close to not needing us any more at all. Though other countries aren't cooperating with them quite as they would like. They're not building up consumer demand overseas for our products at quite the pace needed for the old switcheroo to complete at both ends of the equation -- labor and consumer.

    ("To complete" was the wonderful Orwellian expression used in the brilliant novel (and movie) Never Let me go, by Kazuo Ishiguro. It's what the clones did after they had been all used up with too many organ 'donations'. If you haven't read the book, or seen the movie, it's a must.)

    As in, our main use, really, is as a consumer base now. The predator class knows they have to pay us something, at least enough to buy the crappy products on our shelves. But wouldn't it be grand (for the predator class) if they didn't even have to do that? If some other nation or nations or block of nations could provide just as much market push as we once did, or more?

    They'd have the trifecta:

    Cheap labor throughout the world; plenty of consumers to buy cheap goods; no reason to remain attached to the wishes of American domestics in the slightest. The entire world would be their domestics.

    They really want all of us to be "in service" . . . don't they?