Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Greek To Me

I heard Weisbrot on an NPR story the other day discussing the Greek situation with an absolutely giddy bubblehead who was practically peeing herself over how the Greek parliament would be forced to submit to the demands of Greece's creditors, and how the People of Greece would be punished -- finally -- for their profligacy.

Weisbrot was literally shocked at this woman's complete idiocy and said that if this were happening in the United States, millions more would be forced out of work than already can't find work, and the Recession would go on indefinitely. Is that what she wanted? He pointed out that what is happening is a devastating blow to the ordinary people of Greece, and there is no way in hell that they deserve to be forced to pay for demands of bankers.

She sputtered for a bit, but could not suppress her glee at seeing other people forced under the thumb of the powerful.

My stomach was churning through the whole interview. But that's the state of our media: loves it when other people are forced to comply with the demands of the Powerful. Loves it.

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