Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is True

Long, so here's the URL: http://youtu.be/KWVsK5QIbEE

As far as it goes, this film is interesting and illuminating, pulling back the curtain on the ways of Our Betters. Of course, it only goes so far, and it is interesting that it only goes up to the pinnacle of the Consumer Society; it doesn't deal with the Crash (though it had already happened when the film was put together) and it doesn't deal with the End of Consumerism, the era we're living in now. Nor, interestingly, does it deal with the primary economic endeavors of Our Rulers, which is to say: Gambling, stealing from one another, stealing from us, stealing from the rest of the world, and War. Our Rulers, in other words, do not operate within the context of that Consumer Society/Economy the rest of us once did -- until it all fell to pieces. They are instead parasitic upon it. And now that it is largely gone, they're just parasites. Why do they continue to rule us then?

Other films in the series are also available at the YouTube link.

There is a problem, though. "Pulling Back the Curtain" -- which these films seek to do and actually do do relatively well -- becomes an end in itself. Potentially a very rewarding one. But knowing what goes on behind that curtain isn't even necessarily useful information if your aim is actually to change things for the better. In fact, knowing how the High and the Mighty "really are" and what they "really do" is pretty useless unless it is combined with or superseded by determined and relentless forward movement toward a Better Future, and that is not really a part of the package being sold as "Pulling Back the Curtain," no matter who is doing it. When curtain pulling becomes its own entrepreneurial industry -- as it has -- then what we're really dealing with is Show. Spectacle. Entertainment.

And who controls that? To what object?

You see how this goes? Wheels within wheels, ne?

(Picked this up at Willyloman's Place. Always an intriguing resource. And no, I'm not in to Truthing... ;-)


  1. I've always thought Truthing itself was a psyop. It divides the real Left between those who believe that 9/11 and subsequent events were caused by our rulers incompetence or that the were a result of fiendishly intricate plans.

    Incompetents can be defeated, fiendish planners are much scarier.

  2. Yes, I understand how the "Truth Movement" could itself be something out of some... "interest's"... bag of tricks. There was an almost immediate rush of websites right after 9/11 that sought to "prove" this or that about what happened. I thought then -- as I think now -- that at least some of what was being circulated was pure crap specifically designed to keep nascent "Truthers" amused and off the trail of the real "truth."

    But then, I don't think we'll ever really know the "truth" about it anyway, not because the Truth Isn't Out There but because there is so much absolute garbage and irrelevancy in circulation.

    What we do know -- and what everyone should comprehend by now -- is that the Government by its very nature lies and covers up when things like this happen. It is what they do. So often the Official Story debunks itself.

    Knowing that they lie and cover up by nature, and they sure as hell did about this, should be enough in my book. All the rest of it, trying to prove how the buildings were demoed or the plane shot down or what have you is interesting but ultimately not as important as the basic fact: the Official Story is bunk.

    On the other hand, buck up: the Fiendish Planners can also be Incompetent at the same time.

    That at least gives me hope!